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Daxie District Shopping Festival: Hong Kong and Macao companies actively promote digital transformation to expand the mainland market

  Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen September 15 (Reporter Wang Feng) The Mainland Market is becoming the best stage for Hong Kong and Macao companies in digital transformation – the first Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Danal Bay District Shopping Festival, many Hong Kong and Macao companies bring rich products At the same time, it also demonstrated its recent years to actively carry out digital transformation and expand the outcome of the mainland market.

  Founded in 1964, Macau is focused on handmade egg rolls and western cake.

On the occasion of Macau in 1999, Macau Yonghui invests in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, established the North Korean Fresh Food Co., Ltd., officially entered the Mainland Market.

In 2013, the company’s brand is stationed in Tmall and other e-commerce platforms and expansion online business. The company’s brand manager Long Xiaofang introduced that the vast market in the Mainland brings huge opportunities to the company. Last year, the e-commerce sales reached more than 4 million yuan. "This shopping festival is mainly online sales, the company has been done every day. Prepare more than 10,000 boxes of moon cakes. "In recent years, more and more Hong Kong and Macao companies have begun to actively embrace the Internet, and open up a world in new consumption trends.

  Daoxiang Group was established in Hong Kong in 1991 and has now established a huge network of more than 10 restaurants in more than ten cities in the Mainland. In the past, the company mainly focused on the market, and the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, which made the company aware of the importance of developing e-commerce.

  "After the epidemic, we started to try the sales of Tmall, shake, etc. Enjoy it.

"Daoxiang Group e-commerce operator Zeng Chengxiang introduced that in recent months, although the line in the hotel has already returned to normal operation, the growth on the line continues. This time, the Diangxiang Group launched a fork burn bag, milk yellow Survey products of bag, glutinous rice chicken, etc., online sales are hot.

"Sales have doubled daily than daily. Daoxiang online exploration is more than just the ‘chemical criticism’ in the epidemic challenge." Zeng Cheng Xiang said.

  During this shopping festival, Hong Kong and Macao brands set the e-commerce team, logistics team, live team, etc. Hong Kong moon cake brand Huang Yu chose to set the R & D team and the factory in Hong Kong, put the e-commerce team, live team and logistics warehouse in Shenzhen. "The one-hour living circle in the Dawan District is very convenient. We hope to break the Dawan District, bring Hong Kong food to the whole country, and even to the world." Hong Kong Huangyi Group founded strictly said. Hong Kong Zhonghua Federation executive meeting Dong Huang Weihong introduced that Hong Kong’s electronic sales began to start, and the mainland has already exploded growth, and the Federation has been jointly launched the "Hong Kong Bai Store" in March this year. Buying, boosted Hong Kong companies in the mainland e-commerce market with live band model. "I hope that this shopping energy saving brings the impact of the Hong Kong-minded thinking, causing more interest in the Hong Kong old name to enter the big bay area.

"Huang Weihong said that the construction of the Daxan District is becoming Hong Kong to integrate into the national" double cycle "new development pattern, and do the best entry point for large-stroning corporate brands, leverage digital transformation, Hong Kong brand will usher in more development opportunities. 2021 On April 21, the Macao live broadcast base officially opened, promoted the local SME brand of Macau, broadening online sales channels, diverting the domestic and foreign market, live sales talent training, etc., and built cross-border live broadcast Multi-interactive commerce platform with cooperation.

  "The base has been opened for more than 4 months, and nearly 10,000 live broadcasts have been organized, and the accumulation of more than 100 local brands of Macau, guiding the turnover of more than 100 million yuan, nearly one million Macao goods through e-commerce live broadcast Enter the national consumer home.

"Macau live base CEO Zhu Xiaojuan said.

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