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The World General Assembly "Urban Historical Land Protection and Sustainable Development" will focus on the "Beijing Central Ax" Shen

People’s Network Beijing July 18 (Wei Yan) On July 17th, the 44th World Heritage Conference "Urban Historical Landscape Protection and Sustainable Development" will be held in Fuzhou. The State Cultural Relics Bureau and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government are hosted. This year, the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO "Recommendation on City Historical Landscape", this side will receive the attention and support of international organizations such as UNESCO World Heritage Center. More than 120 experts, scholars and historic urban management agencies from all regions participated in the meeting. Li Qun, Director of the National Cultural Relics Bureau, said that historical urban protection and sustainable development is the challenge of the international community needs to face together. I hope to improve the attention of the whole society to historical urban heritage protection. Sharing countries in historical cities. Practical experience in protection, promoting international dialogue and cooperation in the field of cultural heritage protection. A well-known international experts in the field of more than ten cultural heritage sharing historical urban heritage protection cases such as Rome, Italy, Japan, in depth, explore the effective ways and means of urban historical landscape protection, and within the framework of the World Heritage Convention Scientific concepts and ideas promoting urban historical landscape protection. The "Beijing Middle Axis" Protection Management and Application Research Achievements is the focus of all parties that are all parties.

Professor Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Director of the Tsinghua University’s National Heritage Center, Director, Director, Director, deeply interpreted the "Beijing Central Alear" cultural heritage value, introduced the beneficial exploration and valuable experience in the overall protection of the Old Town overall protection and organic update. As a history and cultural city with history of 3,000 years of construction, more than 800 years of construction, in recent years, Beijing has firmly grasped urban strategic positioning, fully implementing urban overall planning, adhering to urban protection and update organics, and develops in protection Protection in development.

Lu Zhou believes that the current Beijing Old Town Protection Practice and the Urban Historical Land Protection Practice advocated by the UNESCO in Beijing, the "Beijing Middle Axis" application is highly accompanied by the historical city and urban historical landscape protection of the world. "Beijing model" can be used. The successful held by the "Urban Historical Land Protection and Sustainable Development", spreading the "China Idea" and "Chinese Method" of urban heritage protection to the international community, expanding the international influence of "Beijing Central Ax", gathered international Advice advice on authoritative professional institutions and experts, providing a useful reference for further improving the protection capacity and level of urban historical landscapes in my country.

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