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People’s Net Assessment with a high level of "double creation" to create a high quality development new engine

144 projects, 5 exhibitions fully demonstrate the typical cases of innovation and entrepreneurs, the important results of the entrepreneurial investment industry, the comprehensive innovation and reform exchanges, the Central Plains Science and Technology City Shuangchuang Carnival and other series activities are exciting … 2021 National Volkswagen entrepreneurship Wanzhong Innovation Activity Week kicked off, and the various places have diverse duplex activities, vividly showcase the new weather, new achievements, new breakthroughs in the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and condense strong kinetic energy for the new journey. Innovation is the soul of social progress, entrepreneurship is an important way to promote economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood. Since the Party Central Committee in 2015, the State Council has implemented the various fields of innovation into the economic and social development, and has achieved fruitful results. The new market entities, the employment capacity of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, the employment capacity, and the entrepreneurship has been obvious, and strong support has been supported more than 13 million people employment.

At the same time, after the construction of the third batch of two-game demonstration base, the domestic double-created demonstration base has reached 212. The facts are fully proven, and in-depth implementation of innovative driving development strategies, double creation has spawned the market entities of the large amount of market, created a large number of jobs, cultivating the new kinetic energy, promoting "venting service" and other reforms, and become China A new engine with high quality development of economic and social.

Currently, the "14th Five-Year Plan" started to build a new program of socialist modern countries. Whether it is based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, or to make employment work, promote all the people’s common prosperity, or to respond to the emergence of new coronal pneumonia, promote the continued growth of the economy, In-depth implementation of innovative driving development strategies, stimulating the whole society innovation and creation and has put forward higher requirements. Standing in a new starting point, how to play the first driving power, provide high quality technology supply, and focus on supporting the construction of modern economic system? How to promote the innovation of public entrepreneurship to greater scope, higher levels and deeper? This session is the theme of "high quality innovation, high-level entrepreneurship", is to build a strong "double creation" atmosphere with a strong action, pragmatic initiative, and build a strong "double creation" atmosphere. The new development concept is rooted, better release the innovation potential of the whole society, create vitality, and driving power. Create a high-quality development engine with a high level of "dual-creation" to create a high quality development engine, inseparable from a good policy environment.

In recent years, the issuance of the "Double Creation" Upgrade Edition "issued" Double Creation "upgraded version of the" Double Creation "upgraded version of the" Double Creation "upgraded version of the" Double Creation "upgraded version of the" Double Creation "," Optimize the business registration system process, carry out the "most running" reform, increase tax reduction and tax reduction, and then set up a dual-creation demonstration base to provide support in project incubation … a series of real-related policy initiatives ignited innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiasm. Not long ago, the State Council’s executive meeting deployed the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period to promote the innovation of the public in the public, and proposed "Adhering to the Driven Employment" "Building a Better Double Creative Development Ecology" "Strengthening Entrepreneur Innovation Policy Incent." Implementing good policies into actions, reflecting the premievability and effectiveness of policy implementation in development practices, we can constantly stimulate market vitality and improve the quality and level of innovation entrepreneurs. Double creation is accomplished by "crowd", because "creation" is broken into butterflies.

Create high-quality development engines with high levels "double creation", and return to the main body of various markets. It should be seen that China has a strong market space, has a complete comprehensive industrial system, with the advantages of economic and social development, which is the resilience of China’s economic development, and also innovative entrepreneurship is based on rich soil.

In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet has gave birth to the new and new-state, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technological progress, and the promotion of rural residence, new urbanization, etc., providing a vast space.

As long as you actively grasp the big potential, grasp the development opportunities, take more mature mentality, more rational thinking, more active action to invest in market competition, and fight in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, you can "" "out of the new world," create " Sense of people’s livelihood. We are in a great new era.

Taking a double-creative activities as an opportunity to further ignite the innovation of the whole society, we will continue to achieve new breakthroughs on the road to promote high-quality development, and achieve new glory.

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