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The business of the company’s non-standard storage list business to optimize the iron ore ore ore will become the first pilot variety.

  The Secondary Net News (Reporter Zhou Wei) On November 12th, the Dalian Commodity Exchange ("Dashang Institute") released an announcement, and revised the "Dalian Commodity Exchange Non-standard" (Trial) "and will Introducing non-standard bin single elements, and optimizing non-standard circular transactions, delivery cycle management, etc., further facilitates market participants, and continuously enhances service levels. According to the announcement, the optimization of this non-standard circulation single business is reflected in seven aspects: First, the price of non-standard bulls in the iron ore ore is provided, and the market participants can choose the relevant code in the registered interface. The elements table realizes the main location, and the main quality standard block mine is quickly registered.

Second, the registration unit of the iron ore non-standard border list is changed from 10,000 tons to a thousand tons. The third is to simplify the management of trading rights, and cancel the provisions of the management of customer trading rights. Any customer through audit can obtain sales privileges at the same time.

The fourth is to optimize the management of margin, and the buyers and sellers need to pay the equivalent margin, and the proportion can be set to the buyers.

The fifth is to optimize the management of the channel, and the original "acceptance confirmation period does not include the date of proposing the date of the non-standard boy single payment date", the single transaction can be completed in a trading day.

Sixth is to improve settlement function, the seller can enter the final payment quota according to the invoice in the payment settlement, and the platform will transfer funds according to the principle of retreating less. Seven is to increase the function of capital inquiry during the transaction, and the transactions can look at their own and opponents on the payment of a certain transaction.

  The person in charge of the relevant business of the big commercial, as a derivative and expansion of the standard warehouse single business, the non-standard standard of the big business office continued to carry out after the end of last year, as of now, the transaction amount has exceeded 200 million yuan, in meeting the individuality of the enterprise Demand, promoting the collaboration in the field, has played a positive role. This big business is optimized for non-standard circular business, which will effectively improve the efficiency of entity enterprises participating and reduce participation costs. Especially after the introduction of the feature table function, the company needs to manually fill in the field will be reduced from the original 16 items, which will be filled with the original 6 items to 1, not only will reduce the customer’s fill in the system. Workload, improve the registration efficiency of non-standard border orders, will also enhance the standardization and standardization of non-standard circulation list, which is conducive to forming a representative price of main locations, main quality and non-standard warehouse orders, for the whole industry and production and management main body Provide price guidance and reference to further play a synergistic effect of market price discovery function outside the field. China Securities Journal reporters learned that iron ore raw materials required for blast furnace iron, including powder, blocks and pellets. In recent years, my country’s annual import block is about 100 million tons, accounting for 10-20% of the total import volume of iron ore, and the port stock is maintained at 1800 to 20 million tons, with a certain market scale and trade.

At present, the big commercial iron ore futures is based on the largest labor of the company, allowing powder to participate in a one-time delivery and rolling delivery, and the blocking ore and other non-standard products can be used to convert the business through non-standard bin bills. Deliver, can also carry out non-standard border forms through large business offline platforms. The person in charge of the relevant business of the big business said that this time in the pilot feature table function on the iron ore mine variety and reduces the registration unit of the block mine non-standard border list, will further meet the trade of entities to iron ore non-standard circles. Service requirements, and improve the inner and external product tools system, optimize futures contract rules, and promote market function in the iron ore variety.

Based on the pilot pilot of iron ore, the big assessment is based on the full assessment of pilot effects, and the machine will promote the functional table function to other varieties, more convenient for physical enterprises to participate in the off-site business transaction, meet more categories non-standard warehouse orders. Transaction needs. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

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