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The real estate market tends rational housing and not speculating or consolidated

[] With the upgrade of real estate regulation, the local government is more accurate, the corresponding policy measures are more accurate. The constraints in the long-term population and short-term funds are further strengthened. my country’s real estate market speculation is clearly convergent, and the property market is expected to have differentifications, and the house is not specifically positioned to continue to consolidate. The latest release data of the National Bureau of Statistics shows that in June 2021, the sales price of commodity residential residential sales in large and medium-sized cities showed a steady state.

Among them, there are 12 cities that have declined in the price compared to the price compared with the previous month, and there are 16 in the second-handed housing price, and there are six in the city.

The differential expression of the current regional house price is similar to some of the past, but the inner drive has undergone fundamental changes. This real estate market is expected to gradually differentiate, accompanied by the establishment of long-term mechanisms in the real estate market, is being further solidified.

It is worth noting that the growth rate of real estate development investment is significantly accelerated. Real estate development companies are more cautious, and personal investors blindly add lever speculative and speculative. It should be said that these phenomena is not accidentally, which is an inevitable reflection of the real estate market.

  This will further consolidate the policy positioning of my country’s house, and in turn, it will take a more solid step towards the operation of the real estate market. On the one hand, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou and other hot cities further upgrade real estate regulation, policy measures are more accurate.

For example, the reform of the school district policy in Xicheng District, Beijing, profoundly changed the root-effective school-speaking speculation, which has an important impact on the city’s real estate market. On the other hand, the "five red lines" "five red lines", including real estate development enterprises and banks, have also deeply changed the natural affinity logic of real estate and finance, from the second end of the supply and demand, the transaction and holdings of the real estate market The behavior has a profound impact. It is not difficult to find that the recent changes in some urban real estate credit environments in my country are an important catalyst that leads to the expected differentiation of the current property market. The "five red line" real estate financial policy of the macro-prudent concept, in fact, truly touches the core logic of housing prices. As long as the real estate finance maintains long-term steady growth, the basic support of the housing price is not enough. In the first half of this year, my country’s real estate loans fell and continued to be lower than the growth rate of all loans.

According to relevant reports, most urban mortgage interest rates have continued to rise since the second quarter, and the approval time limit has been extended to effectively suppress the space of residents orthostatic plus leverage. In fact, in the process of difficult recovery growth in the global economy, the rational return of my country’s real estate market has reserved a certain space for macro-control policies.

Although social funds are a big pool, as long as the fund flow is accurately controlled, there will be no large-scale funds to flow to the real estate sector, but more inflowing in the field of social production and consumption, the real estate market inert sexual operation on macro policy restrictive role Will be significantly weakened.

  The real estate market is rational and healthy, the relationship is stable and stable, and the relationship is a major social people’s livelihood. Whether it is a real estate development company, or residents, it is necessary to maintain rational understanding of the real estate market that is undergoing chemical reactions. Adhere to the house and live, insist on the strength, promote the long-term development of my country’s real estate market, and promote the common well-being of the whole society. .