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Ten billion as set by the Chinese chemical inject new momentum

[] September 7 evening, China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (stock code: 601117) ten billion non-public offering officially came to an end, set by the price per share, total fund-raising million dollars.

The non-public offering is the second since the 2010 Chinese chemical listed first equity financing in the capital market, my country’s largest construction industry project equity financing since 2018 is the highest purchase multiple construction set by the project, and in 2020 set the maximum issue size of the central rate set by the project since the inquiry by the new regulations.

  China Chemical pointed out that this non-public offering of the successful implementation, in order to promote long-term development strategy of China’s chemical and landing "Fourteen Five Year Plan" laid the foundation of capital, will also become its build a globally competitive world-class engineering company process an important milestone, but also the capital market acceptance of its "remodeling of the business model, capital market revaluation" an important manifestation. As a pioneer of reform in my country construction projects, helping to create a Chinese chemical chemical engineering for the foundation to carry out related diversified business, Industrial and expand high value-added new materials business, and modern service industry in enabling business development model. It has more than 130 overseas institutions in Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other more than 60 countries and regions.

In recent years, China chemical overseas sales accounting for nearly 30% of sound business development, a number of large single being implemented. Innovation is the stand out in the fierce competition in the trump card.

China Chemical adhere to innovation-driven, continue to increase R & D investment, total R & D investment in the last three years nearly billion, a CAGR of about 21%, and relying on to build the institute’s "General Hospital + 1 + N multi-branch platform" Open innovation platform.

Optimization of qualified personnel, the company has nearly 2,000 R & D personnel are from research institutes, multinational companies and engineering firms and one-third each; a sound R & D incentives, landing "four 15%" and "two five-year "and other incentives, a" strangle hold "technical research, to accelerate expansion in the fields of new materials, new energy, environmental protection and ecological carbon double of. A series of projects to accelerate the fall: in August 2019 to start building the China Tianchen chemical Qixiang 1 million tons / year of nylon new materials industry base is expected to put into operation by the end of this year.

In the field of new silicon-based materials, chemical China Hualu Gong Division is Chongqing’s investment in building nano airgel composite industrial projects, is expected to put into operation by the end of this year.

In terms of degradable material, in March this year, China Donghua Chemical Company and its joint venture partners biodegradable plastic PBAT construction project, a project expected by the end of this year …… production data show that in 2020, China signed new chemical class environmental governance contract an increase of about 84 percent, nearly five-year compound growth rate of about 53%. 2020 new signing class infrastructure contract value of about 56 billion yuan, an increase of about 57%. In addition to open up these areas, China National Chemical actively implement the carbon peak carbon neutral goal, "the source of carbon reduction, carbon reduction process, the end of sequestration" concept, the establishment of Chinese Academy of Science in carbon chemistry and technology, technical research and development and layout, to form carbon dioxide cycle and resource utilization to do a lot of technical reserves and strategic layout, the current stock of chemical and petrochemical projects on the one hand carbon reduction, lower carbon green upgrades, on the other hand to promote the incremental adoption project carbon cyclic process. If innovation is the development of the engine, then the reform is lighter.

Mixed ownership deepen reform, establish market-based incentives; vigorously promote the reform of the three systems, comprehensively enhance the vitality of enterprises; the full implementation of sophisticated management, strengthen the management and control costs; changes in production organization and management model, its two corporate design hierarchical classification differentiation performance evaluation mechanism, to take on the three companies to strengthen risk mortgage mode meticulous management project, established companies for the development of the real effective incentive mechanism …… through continuous reforms, Chinese chemical per capita income continues to grow, per capita income of nearly three years compound growth rate of 12%. "Thirteen Five" the company’s new five-year contract to quadruple the amount of operating income, gross profit, net profit, total assets were to double, an increase continued construction of the central enterprises ranked first annual net operating cash flow are positive, corporate governance systems and governance modernization remarkable results.

The first half of this year, the company continued to maintain a rapid development trend, the main index hit a record high, "Fourteen five" good start. All this performance also reflects to the capital markets.

China Chemical and investors to share the company’s growth and the development of high-quality results, the past five years to maintain annual cash dividends accounted for net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies more than 30 percent, nearly twice the average of the industry, since the market total dividend of nearly 6 billion yuan .

  Public information display, after successfully approved Chinese chemical non-public offering, a national fund, industrial capital, strategic partners, well-known investment institutions have also expressed this non-public offering of strong interest to subscribe. The non-public issue of the effective purchase amount is twice the amount of the issue for investors outside the major shareholders, capital market showed China’s future development of chemical recognition and look forward to again.

  Market analysts believe that until China Chemical adiponitrile, silicon airgel, biodegradable plastic PBAT three industrial projects a production, its Industrial and new materials business is expected to achieve a qualitative breakthrough in 2022, thus promoting rapid performance of the company growth, on "technology + Industry" second growth curve, the overall value of the business is expected to be further demonstrated by the positive response from the capital market.