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Party history into the community Han ink painting

The event site. Zhang Lin took the afternoon of June 6, the Party Committee of the Beihai Municipal People’s Government Office, Party Committee, Beihai Calligraphy Association, the first party branch of Beihai City Association, and the first party branch of Beihai City Association Department Sense of Party ‘s Walk with the Party "- The theme of" Johns’ Jobs "in the" Party Shijin Community ". In the event, the Party Member of the Party Committee of the Beihai Municipal People’s Government Office conducted a party history to present the party history, telling the people of "Lei Feng’s story" and sharing the initial heart with the masses.

At the same time, the Chinese Calligraphers Association member, the vice chairman of Beihai Calligraphers Association, the Secretary-General, Chen Mei Dong, Member of the Guangxi Calligrapher Association, the North Sea Calligraphers Association, the director of the Calligraist, Mr. Luo Zhizhi, wrote "Serving the people" for the people " Calligraphy works gift with communities.

Subsequently, organize the party members and masses to carry out the party history knowledge and quick answer, write the calligraphy works of "Red Spirit" on the spot, and give the party members who participate in the event.

On the same day, there were more than 200 copies of the "Red Spirit" content. At the event, Beihai Sanyi and Beihai City Association provide students with students funding, social security card activation, etc. The party members and people have said that such party history education has not been studied, and people can remember, not only to stimulate the enthusiasm of the residents’ party love party, but also effectively solve the troubles, troubles, and worry, I hope I can often To carry out such activities, let the party history education into the masses of the people. (Zhang Lin) (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Huang Wei).