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Shijiazhuang: "Double Eleven" first wave express peak arrival

  "Double Eleven" first wave express peak arrival reporter visited Shijiazhuang Shentong Express 450,000 packages to be sent to the provincial capital thousands of workers being manually sorting express parcels.

The truck entering the field. The sorting scene is very busy.

Strict security checks for express delivery.

  Time: November 2nd Late Location: Shijiazhuang Shentong Express Operation Department Event: With the "pre-sale" On the top, hundreds of thousands of express parcels in the first wave, and the sorting of the staff is sent to thousands of households.

  Every year, "Double Eleven", everyone will rub the palm, prepare online purchase, "to take the favorite item". "

Unlike previous years, this year is the second year of Alibaba’s "pre-sale", which allows the "Double Eleven" concept from November 11, November 1, from November 11th.

Then, how do each express delivery company in Shijiazhuang City now? On the evening of November 2, the reporter visited Shijiazhuang City Joint Shentong Express Co., Ltd.

The reporter saw that before the automatic pipeline of the Shentong Express Operation, the express package was wrapped in a day. Lan Guangwu, deputy general manager of Shijiazhuang Shentong, said that Shijiazhuang’s first wave of "Double Eleven" has arrived! At 20 o’clock on November 2, at the Shentong Express Operation Department, located near the South Third Ring Road, dozens of voices were waiting in line to wrap the courier, at the same time, dozens of trucks were busy vehicle. Lan Guangwu said: "’Double eleven’ divided into two peaks, the first is November 1st to 3rd, the second is from 11 to 13.

These two days, our employees are particularly busy. Every day, the machine does not rest, keeps the first wave of high-peak express packages.

"Dozens of staff are busy on the pipeline. The reporter saw that a truck opened the warehouse door, wrap a piece of packing of a piece of wrap through the telescopic belt." A car can have thousands of packages, through this equipment, 20 You can unload a car in more minutes. "Lan Guangwu said. For express delivery staff, here are" Hong Kong "and" in-port ".

"Hong Kong" is issued by Shijiazhuang and sent to express mail from all over the country. "In Hong Kong" refers to express mail from all over the country to Shijiazhuang. Lan Guangwu said that on November 1st is the first day of this year’s "Double Eleven" event, and the express mail in Hong Kong has reached 500,000, a year-on-year increase of 50%.

The first wave peak of "entering Hong Kong" is coming on 3 days, more than 450,000 pieces, a year-on-year increase of more than 60%. Here, by killing, unloading, scanning, sorting, collection, etc., more than 800,000 couriers will be sent to customers in various cities every day. "Shijiazhuang citizens online shopping will be here, after the operator is unpacking, after killing; dispersion of the ship’s express mail into a single express, with the conveyor flow to the sorting table, then numbered according to the express side number, The automated sorting equipment is identified, and then directly fall into the branch according to the number of 27 divisions of the urban area, the operator is packaged, and the package is divided into the various outlets companies in the urban area, and finally by express brother. Distributed to Shijiazhuang Citizen.

  It is understood that in order to ensure that the public received their own items as soon as possible, 27 outlets in Shijiazhuang Shentong have adequate venues.

In order to ensure the peak season, all outlets have been installed with intelligent scanning devices to achieve free shipments of about 7,000 orders per hour. At the same time, it has greatly improved the efficiency while reducing the labor intensity of the courier. At the same time, the vehicle is arranged for direct delivery, which can reduce the labor intensity while expressing the efficiency of express delivery in the unit time.

  In the face of epidemic prevention, the express delivery company requires more than 1,300 employees to wear a mask, handwrangly, maintain one meter, and measure the temperature daily.

All this is only sent to the public to protect the items purchased by the public for the shortest time. (Wen / Reporter Nankai Yuapu / Reporter Li Qing).