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Rui’s "spiritual victory law" of the US media, turned into the car …

What is the crisis that is the most concerned under the eyes of November 9 (Text / Tang Lixin)? The answer is: inflation.

According to Reuters reported on November 8, the half-year "Financial Stability Report" released on the Federal Reserve, market participants have tighten the inflation intensification and monetary policy, compared with the concern, the concern of the new crown epidemic One side. The situation is indeed very serious. At present, almost all goods and labor prices in the United States are rising, and the turkey eaten by Thanksgiving is in price, driving and adding gasoline in price increase, hell fee in price increase & hellip; & hellip; "Today’s US News" , Americans or will usher in the most expensive winter in decades.

Powell, Chairman of the Fed, has to admit that inflation is more serious than expected.

He said: Various bottlenecks will continue and spread, may continue until next year. Like other economists, we have not expected this situation.

▲ Information Pictures: On August 11, people buy food in a supermarket in New York, USA.

(Xinhua News Agency).