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Tianjin held an aerospace industry chain promotion meeting

The People’s Daily Nianjin, on August 10, according to the three-year action program (2021-2023) "requirements in accordance with the three-year action program (2021-2023)", in order to implement the spirit of promoting the high-quality development headquarters meeting of manufacturing, the industry chain high quality development headquarters Good industry basic high-levelization and industrial chain modernization battle, on August 9, the Municipal Industrial and Information Technology Bureau will organize the air space industry chain to promote the air space industry chain with relevant units, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the industrial chain, provide a solid support for manufacturing strong market construction. . More than 60 people participated in the meeting. The conference conveyed the spirit of promoting the high-quality development headquarters meeting of manufacturing, and introduced the development of the Tianjin aerospace industry and the main content of the aviation aerospace industry chain implementation. The meeting pointed out that the development of manufacturing is the best advantage. It is also the biggest advantage. It is the municipal party committee. Important means. Through the construction of aerospace industry chain, we will continue to consolidate the development and manufacturing advantages of Tianjin "machine, arrow, star, station", and build an advanced manufacturing system with military and civilian integration to create an international level of aerospace industry base. The meeting emphasized that promoting the construction of the aerospace industry chain, the core is the word "service", to make a good service in the layout major project, build industrial clusters, extension industrial chains, and the new movement of new movable energy, further expand the stock, Improve increment, play "seven one" work promotion mechanism, strengthen policy support, strengthen exchange docking, and further optimize the business environment, and make a good winning industry.

Next, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau will continue to play a driving role in the industrial chain deputy chain length, in accordance with the requirements of the "Working Mechanism of the Development of Key Industry Chain Development", " , Surrounding the "two figures and two libraries" around the industrial chain, conscientiously planning the investment work, research planning the "Tianjin Territories Valley" framework plan, "The National Heavy Made Tianjin Manufacturing" series of publicity activities, and effectively promotes the high quality development of the aerospace industry. (Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.