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She is a horror,I don’t understand it at all.,“What Wang Temple,What mixed-blood man,Summer,what are you saying?”

No matter whether there is evidence in the summer,She will not recognize her death.。
Summer laughing,“Then have you heard of it?,Recently, the world’s three big net networks,The world of global reward?”
Global reward?
Me,How do you know these??”
Bai Shasa is more surprised,“Summer,I am from ancient people.,But I will not bother and rivers and lakes.。”
“well said。”
Summer expressed understanding,Asked,“Is you secretly supporting Zhangjia,Let’s take a group?”
White Shasha face change,“Summer is because this is looking for me.?
If this is the case,At least it should be officially visited in the summer.,You should not be good for private houses.……”Summer laughed, looking at her,A pair of dark eyes are deep,It seems to be able to inside people。
Just start,White Shasha can also face justice and indignation,But said it,The sound is low。
Deepness of the eyes。
She finally,“Summer,I have not been targeted,And that is just a normal business competition。”
“I don’t understand business,Don’t be deceived。”
Since the summer, I said a sentence.,After staring at each other,“You said that there is no boutique group,Your IQ is not high,Still treat me as an idiot?”
Toned,No matter the opponent,Also,“You and Zhangjia continue to invest in a lot of money,It is said that it has reached 500 million,And you can see it.,You don’t do not account for any advantage.,Instead, put themselves.,Continue to invest,That is a bottomless hole,How much do you vote?,How much loss,Means of,Normal business competition,You have lost,Why do you want to continue to moth??”
Bai Shasha is silent。
Half,Her voice is also cold,road,“Since the summer is young,We have been settled,If you want to get back, it is so simple.,Once we get together,Many people will die。”
Toned,She laughed,“If summer is because this is coming to me,All right,I can’t afford Xia less.,Can get a hand,This summer is satisfied.。”
Summer,“Before and you said so much nonsense,I am giving you a chance.,But you have never been grasped,I don’t ask for it.,Naturally there is absolute evidence,You are not strange, you are not strange.,You call him to contact Ling Tianxia,Ah……You may not know,He sold your hands and sell you.。”
Sound is not high。
Even very light,Very light。
But in the ear of Bai Shasha,It is like a thunder。
Let her breath in my mind,Misappropriate。
She didn’t think of it.,The source of exposure is coming to this!Obvious,Although she is an ancient Wu family,But 尔 虞 虞 虞 者 我 我,I have not experienced it.。
Change to an experienced person,Even if there is such a fact,Will not admit。
Bai Shasa naturally is naturally impossible to recognize。
But this moment of loss,Already let her expose a lot of things。
“Summer,I don’t know what you are saying.,What kind of ear,What is the world,I don’t know these people at all.。”
“You still don’t understand。”
Summer slowly,Take a step forward,“If only ordinary people,I have always adhered to the bottom line,Never debilled,So some small losses,Eat it.,For me, it doesn’t matter。”
Toned,Continue to walk,“But in the ancient martial arts.,Recommended ancient weapon,Many things don’t have evidence at all,Just need a suspicion, it is enough.,You and you are daring and coming in,Then wait for the door.。”
Bai Shasha’s face became pale,Don’t help but keep tremble。
She is strong in the heart,“Summer,Your strength is very strong,Is Huaxia Wushen,I am with our white family in your eyes.,Is it like an ants,But what you said,I don’t know……”“Click one’s tongue。”
Summer sigh in summer,“I really don’t understand now.,If you stand behind, it is a white family.,How do you send you ahead?,I don’t even understand the dark rules and dare to deal with me.?”
He looks straight to the other party,Faint,“I used to be an overlord in foreign countries.,Do you know why my enemy is dead? Don’t you want to fall in my hand?,Because falling in my hand,They will be born like death,Under my three major sentences,They can’t keep any secrets,Do you think you can??”
NS3048chapter Deterrence and fear