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Summer voice is very light,Very light。

It is not suspicious。
The expression on the summer is not stagnant.。
A pair of autumn water-like doubles like a knife generally staring in summer。
“I am not joking。”
Summer is not tangent,With her right,“I can really heal your feet.。”
First1944Chapter Continued to the past
Who is summer?。
He thinks that he is still。
Maybe there is no other old guy。
Not like some wise letters as gray lines,Volt, thousands of miles of layout and preparatory。
He absolutely sees some fog in the shortest time。
Now now。
By a dialogue with the summer,And all kinds of information from each other。
And this time the amount of information,It’s too big.。
He and Master live this place here……What kind of intention is?
He was forced to learn Qimen by the master.,And all everything in this place,He has learned。
He is in the relics of the master,Found the law of silver needles。
I thought it was a master.,It seems that I am afraid that I am not necessarily.,It is very likely to be……Deliberately let yourself practice。
Soon, I saw the summer.,She is confronting with Wu Tian……And Wu Tian said once,His father of his father has passed away,Although he is seriously injured,It is the whole body。
It seems that some of the array of this place,Completely exposed to the world。
Now……I am afraid that I have not born.,Both sides have been fighting,Fortifications。
Continued until now。
Summer yourself,But one of them。
Or say。
Is a very important casual chess。
Both sides are in his body。
He under Victoria,Come here。