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Another side。

Three luxury cars saved hundreds of meters,After I found a parking lot,This has got off the bus.,Walking to Xiayiwei University。
First2058Chapter Encounter
The history of Xiayiwei University can be traced back1907Year。
Developed,It’s already a high academic reputation.,And have an international level research university。
There are ten campuses in the university.,Form a university system,The number of students exceeds 50,000。
And Chinese students……It accounts for five% proportion.。
At this moment。
Maximum in Xia Yiwei University,It is also the most complete square of the most complete Monaughi campus.,A lot of people。
They are all student at school。
All look at a corner of the north side of the square。
There,Orient with three black hair black,Step by step。
And in front of them,It is more than 30 students who are slowly approaching.。
It is,More than 30 students,The same is the physical characteristics of the black hair black。
Head of the person,It is a thin and thin young man.。
At this moment, the youth is the face.,The corner of the mouth is a cold smile,Use a quirky Chinese to drink,“Run,Why don’t you ran??”
He biting his teeth staring at three students,“Are you not very arrogant?,Continue to arrogant。
I have to look at it today.,Who dares to come to you。”
Talk while talking,His pair is like a snake version of the cold scorpion,Arrive around,Large channel,“Mixing in the Chinese people,Does anyone have to go to these three hybrids??”
People in the crowd。
Not an answer。
Young cold smile,Disdainful,“Really disappointed……You call Thunder,Bar!How do you want to die?。”
The three faces that have slowed back is hard to see.。
In fact,Three people have already been huddled before,At this moment, it is the soil.,Nasal face。
The first is a small young man with glasses.,However, the right eyeglasses of the glasses have been broken into a cracked crack.。
“Zhang Wang,Xu Jiang,I am tired of you.。”
Youth looks very wolf,The corner of the mouth is broken,It seems like a weak and weak scholar。
But what he said,It is quite good,“I will create opportunities for you for a while.,You want to leave。”
Students named Zhang Wang and Xu Jiang suddenly smiled。
“What is the use now?,Will be blocked by him。”
“Right,No need to run,Up to 2nd,I don’t believe what they can still。
It is your thunder,Mei Chuan Yilang will definitely pay attention to you.。”
“Then I fight with them.。”
Thunder eye,“I can’t give us people in China.。”
Last night,After eating three people,Prepare to return to the dormitory,The result is in the Campus East Flowerbu Area,Seeing Meichuan Yiling with two dogs,Take a female classmate。
Originally this kind of thing is very common in the campus,Three people are not serious。