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But think of those people around you,Li Hui is still decided not to hook three,See a favorite one。

Jin Xiger also felt that Li Hui is alienated.,How much is a little sad in my heart?。
To say, I don’t like Li Hui.?
That is impossible,Especially Li Hui Feng in order to protect her,Put her into the moment of her arms,She feels that there are people to stand up.。
The feeling of relief is that she has never experienced so many years.。
Especially Li speaks from the wind to see her eyes are not any other desire.。
White Yufei is working hard,But the sixth sense of the woman is very strong.,She can clearly feel the purpose of Bai Yufei。
For Bai Yufei,She is some can’http://www.lpfamily.cnt see it.,The other party does not work。
Whether she is bullied by her,Or coach finds trouble, he decisively run people,Let her see that the white Yufei is not a man worth TOEFL.。
Take Li Hui,Take a stable,Wen Ruya also gave her a kind of man who had to have.。
Hesitate for a long time,She still didn’t like you like you.。
And Li Hui also never took the initiative to contact her.,She thought about it, she still wants to try.。
Li Hui Feng does not know the little idea of Jinxi.,He now thinks how to improve the conditions in the village。
The land is under contracting,His fund is invested in a lot.。
But want to go back,It is a relatively long-term problem.。
Just when he is prepared to let Jin Xijie have divided some people to develop a mountain.,The Cool of the Magic has already called.。
Li Mei’s means is too much.,Only several hotels have out of the hotel,But there is no evidence。
Launched a new product every time,Li Mei will immediately follow the same。
Especially vegetables,Li Mei’s vegetables actually have previous acquisitions.。
This is not divided into,Soon Li Mei with various activities,Directly grab the drugs in the past。
This kind of thing,Su Qing is also found in the first time.。
This kind of little thing is,Li Hui Feng feels that it doesn’t need him。
But due to the uncertainty of the inner ghost,Let Su Cool are some difficult。
“Lee brother,Hands we have already renovated,But our original stores need to maintain,So do you have a good way?,Put the inner ghost?”
“Um,Good way is definitely there,But you need Su Dado personally performed.,And this approach has some fierce,So I have to make sure,Who is you suspicious?,Is there any relative relationship with our internal people?。”
Li Hui does not want to be stable so stable.。
The devil is like this, let him follow up.,He really feels unencil。
Chapter 832 , Lan Baoyan
“Hey-hey,I doubtful people are a few chefs.,After all, the waiter should have no chance to contact our formula.。”
“Um,That line,I give Su big brother a new square,When you see which chef didn’t go to work,Or always call the phone,Basically, the other party。”
Say,Li Hui also gave the recipe of a medicinal diet directly。
“Su big brother,I want to give you this medicinal dining, you want to clearly,Be sure to help the side,Top of a layer of paprika,No need to use too much。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Su Cool is a bit wonderful。
“Lee brother,The effect of this party is?”
“Diarrhea,Whoever eats who diarrhea,Of course, the treatment of constipation,But there should be no so many people will constipation.,You have a neutralization role in adding paprikins.,The most powerful effect is。”
“But the http://www.qdscy.cnother party does not know these,There will definitely have many people to eat problems.。”
Li Hui’s idea is to let Su cool eyes bright。