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Liu Hao’s figure came over,Hong Hai,Dongxing,The ancestors of the ancestors of the three people died in the seven-color quenching。

“Miss,So what happened?”Dongxing inquiry。
“I blame me to harm him.。”Liu Xiang tears and rain,Telling things over again。 Dongxing,Zu Qinglong,Hong Hai three people heard the silence,Their most worried things happen.,Escape a snake magic in the middle,The result will lead to the current situation。
“Miss,You don’t want to blame,In the heart of the big brother,Your status is not very common。”Hong Hai advised:“Any man stands in this location will also choose this.。”
“Yes,Don’t be sad,Big Brother will be fine。”Dongxing also comforted。
“elegant,Let’s take a break.,Little maple is injured,But I can sense the outside world,Seeing your current situation。”Zu Qinglong walked up the temperature and the road:“fine,everything will get better。”
Liu Hao hesitate to hesitate,See Lin Feng’s look,She finally turned and left the bath room,Willow’s mouth overflows a hint of blood,It’s just that she is unknown.。
The door of the bath is on,Zu Qinglong,Dongxing,Hong Hai three people look down。
“Snake Magic is too poisonous。”Dongxing face coldly:“In the body of the big brother, it was injured in the body before dying.。”
“If this is an injection of the martial arts,This martial arts also went into the magic,Just the big brother’s true gas and five poisons,This is resistant。”Hong Hai also downgry:“It’s just that the pain caused by the two stocks, the pain caused by the battle of the big brother, I am afraid that the big brother is unbearable.。”
“What should I do?”Zu Qinglong looks concern,The five poison is unable to remove even Lin Feng woke up.,What’s more??Can’t remove at all。
“Notify them four,Let them rush here。”Dongxing suddenly:“The four major martial arts must be able to think of some ways。”
“Then tell them,Also let the two tiger。”Zu Qinglong picked up the phone,Direct the telephone number,Quick command。
Zu Qinglong,Dongxing,Hong Hai three people look at Lin Feng in the coma。
The time gradually passed。
Lin Feng still didn’t wake up,He has a strange change in his body,Right half body flashes with golden rays,The golden rays are brought to the sun,Rich life,Above overcast,With the breath of death。
Rao is a Zu Qinglong,Dongxing and others have visible,Also dumb。
The voice of pain is issued from Lin Feng’s throat.,A red ray is like a lightning, rushing out from Lin Feng.,Just Zu Qinglong,Dongxing,Hong Hai did not pay attention to these,This red ray came to the window。
Stand outside the window,It is Liu’s figure,Liu Xiang tears and rain。
“Want to save him??”Just at this time, there was a voice in the mind of Liu.:“Don’t make a sound。”
“I。”Willow Wen Wen said four weeks,But did not find anyone’s figure。
“Don’t find me,I will ask you if you don’t want to save him.?You answer my heart directly in my heart.。”This kind of sound road。
“think!”Liu Yu’s heart:“Even if I die,I am also willing。”
“You may die。”缥缈 声 道。
“I am willing。”Willow 银 银 微 微 微,Her eyes look at Lin Feng inside the bath room,Her tears blurred。
“Very simple,In his body, both of them now,Now only need a kind of tune and yin and yang power,So,He not only keeps life,Can still be further。”缥缈 声 声 解:“He will be better later.。”
“Yin Yang?what do you mean?”The brink of a blush on the cheek of Liu。
“good,You are dedicated to him,This time can be successfully resolved。”缥缈 声 声 解:“Later words,He is afraid that he can’t hold it.。”
“I am willing。”Willow:“I’ll go now。”
“Go back,I teach you a set of mouths,You remember。”缥缈 声 声 解:“Silently running when thaling and yin and yang。”
“Thank you for your seniors.。”Willow respect。
Many mouths in the minds of the willows have many mouths.,Willow, Lin Feng inside the bath room,Her silver teeth,The beautiful scorpion has a hint,She is afraid of death,But for Lin Feng, she didn’t have any hesitation.。
Liu Hao directly opened the door of the bathroom。
“Miss!”Dongxing,Hong Hai,The ancestors of the ancestors have disappeared,Instead, it is calm。 “Dongxing,Hold your big brother.,Take a shower。”Willow’s voice is soft,She kneels her body,Reach out,Gentle the cheek of Lin Feng。
“Miss,You are this?”Dongxing heard the words and wishes the willow。
“You have both power in your big brother.,A kind of just to Yang,With a strong life,A kind of yin to toxic,With devastating breath,Two kinds of power is trivial,There must be a power from neutralization,This will allow both of the two power to combine,Your big brother can also cultivate a peerless power。”Willow explains。
“What you mean is yin yang?”Dongxing face mad。