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“A guard door guard door,Two patrol guards”Feel the end of the field,Qing Palace is slightly,“Is there any 52 temperature above room temperature than the human body temperature? Is it a guard robot??Such a lax guard?It seems that they are too confident to their own technology.。”

“but,This is a good thing for me.。”
Slightly tone,‘Absolute field’Recovery,Qing Dynasty,Follow up behind the Meiqin,Go to the Institute.。
Qing Palace does not know,Just after he recovered the absolute field,Houkou Pharmaceutical,There is another figure again.。
“You are”Guard at the door,Can’t help but stunned。
What did you say?,Just standing quietly,There is no fluctuating in the dark amber scorpion.,Under lighting,Short hair flashed on a shot of the same brown。
(This chapter is over)
NS163chapter encounter
Standing in front of a closing door in the middle of the institute building,Meiqin has a deep breath,Gently prescribe your hands on the electronic lock,A sound,After the door is drawn by a metal sound,Crash。
“Is it here?”Meiqin’s eyes,Go straight to go。
Behind her,Qing Palace also flashed into the door。
This space is hidden,See the interior of the building,There is no map or is not to construct the building, such as a person who refers to it.,It is found here.。
Meiqin can find here,It is because she is aware that there is a power operation in the entire building.,Space can’t be found on the map,This is a smooth found here.。
Generate from physical,This space is actually in the second floor of the study.,After entering,The Qing Palace occupies this wide space corner in the first time,Walk down next to a huge glass wall,It is just a basement that is also hidden.,Unbel。
“That is”Meiqin also notes here,When she looks at the instrument in the space,The brow can’t help but wrinkle,“Culture”
Size is enough to cultivate a person。The Qing Palace is standing,A secret connection in my heart。
“but”Meiqin’s brow is tightly wrinkled,Watching a circle on the side,The heart is secretly mentioned。
Do not know why,From the beginning of the beginning,I always have a feeling of being monitored.,This feeling is very strange,Not a person in the world,But yourself, the greasy feeling, but always can’t play in her heart.。
The monitor should have been handled by himself.。Meiqin is in mind,With your own ability,No vulnerabilities,This feeling
Rate,Some people always follow themselves?Meiqin’s heart is shocked,Slap,Looking forward to the empty,The amber scorpion flashed with palpitations,As if there is any discovery,It is necessary to lower the Thunder.。
“”Meiqin this action,Scared a big jump in the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty.,In an instant, he thought he was discovered by Meiqin.,I can later discover the direction of Meiqin’s eyes and different in their direction.,This is loose。
It is very vigilant。Qing Dynasty,Can‘Absolute field’Contraction,Did not dare to let Meiqin。
It seems that there is nothing to find,Meiqin is turning,It seems to give up the idea to continue looking for,Then the hand is on the workbench,next moment,Electric power in the whole space Restore,Numerous highlights lit in the workbench,Like a star that suddenly lit up in the night。
Information has traces deleted。Meiqin’s index finger is flexible to jump on the workbench,Staring on the screen,But for me this extent
“Can restore!”Girl drinks lightly,I took a blue white arc from the scorpion.,Next moment,Countless binary code, such as tidal water,Follow,The wreckage of the deleted information originally deleted on the screen suddenly changed.,Instead, a complete information home page。
And when I saw the big words of the information home page,Meiqin’s pupil is shrinking,The heart is like a top-hit,Let her breath of the whole person stop in an instant。
“Super electromagnetic shell mass production capacity plan”
The Qing Palace on the side of the Qing Dynasty in the expression of Meiqin’s expression,His heart suddenly smoked,It’s a dull pain。
“Actually there is really”Meiqin’s body slightly shaken a few times,Hold a workstation,Only from falling without stability,Paled face,Watching dead and staring at the screen,“mine‘clone’?”
She strives to be steady,Rao is a firm,I have not been honest.,Should give her a huge impact,King looks at the screen,Loudly。