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Now her transformation,It is not because of Lu Haozheng.,Instead, I don’t want to live like the only Ino.。

So even she will look at themselves.。
She works so hard,Not for grievances,Let others bully oneself。
Yun’an shallow:“No, I hit you.,What is your kind??”
“Oh!I hit you.,You shouted me to shout,You hit me,Just want me to be a lunner。
Does the world have such a good thing??”
Blue Xinyang mobile phone,A smile,“Everything just now is recorded.,If this recording appears on the network,I think this year’s first link is only afraid that there is no chance.。”
Xiao Luo’s look tight,Panic in my heart。
“Blue Xin,You are shameless。”
Yun’an is also surprised to surprise,Apricot,Body microve,I can’t wait to tear the blue Xin immediately.。
NS,next moment,Xiao Luo has dropped his own gesture,“Lady,Just now I am too reckless,sorry!”
Yun’an is surprised to watch her,She actually apologizes to Lan Xin。
“Lan Xin is at the same moment,You don’t be cheated by her.。”
“shut up!”
Xiao Luo glanced at Yun’an,This thing she gave birth,Dad will kill her.。
Blue Xin looked at her apologized,Although I am not willing,But this level is almost。
She reminds it:“Xiao Miss,Remind you,Plastic sister,Mutual pit without lower limit。”
Blue Xin finished,Only the elegant pace is going to the bathroom。
Her feelings feel,How to do things every time I go to the bathroom?
This episode,There is no impression in the bottom of Blue Xin.。
Instead, Lu Haoge has not seen Blue Xin for a long time.。
Go out to find Blue Xin,Didn’t find Blue Xin,But I heard two women in the walking path to quarrel。
“Lolo,I dare to guarantee,Blue Xin must be in a bluff,She can’t be recorded at all in her hands.。”
NS1468chapter:Can you be shameless?
“Whether there is any recording in her hands?,I can’t play this matter.,Lu Haocheng has a big relationship with my father.,The four families in Jiangyou are controlled in his hand.,Thest of the horse is looking forward,I really have to move his wife.,The same consequence is not what I can bear.,Even my father should be jealous of him three points。”
“Although I am not willing to leave her.,But what can you do tonight??”
“It’s you,Do you really don’t know Lin Xin??
Shallow,Don’t let me know that you are using me.,Otherwise, you know what I will do.?”
Xiao Luo is sharp looking sharply。
She most hates betrayal。