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E.g,General masters will put chin on the club,Double eyes,In three o’clock。

And like those ordinary people,Is summer now,Just slightly bent over,Slightly, I will take a rod.,I will not think about something at all.。
in this way,This caused it because it is too powerful.,Lose gauge。
The head hit in the top of the mother。
so,This is a very shameful trip.。
White mother swaying,踉踉 踉踉,Take nearly twenty centimeter distance,Stop……Did not touch the red ball。
scene……very quiet。
next moment。
“Ha ha。” “Trough。”
“Your cow。”
Including the bald head,All the strong men have smiled,Taunt,Licking,Laugh,Take a attention。
Is a slightly nervous Su Xiaoxue,Some stunned at this moment。
Summer blush,Some irritation,Resend the motherball,Again。
This time I hit the red ball.,And the power is great,Directly。
The bucket of the ball is full of red balls and color balls。
And the luck is good,I actually felt in a red ball.。
Next, there are two options,Continue to red ball1Minute,Still5Minute。
but,Summer face is some hesitation。
NS033chapter seek death
The ball on the countertop is scattered,But the choice of available is not much。
Among them, there is a red ball near the bag.,Distance white bushes are also close,The chances of goals are very large。
Also have an orange flower ball in the bottom bag,But the distance is far away。
Summer is hesitant,It should continue to play red balls,Still playing。
“Boy,nice,A chance to receive。”
The bald head smiles,Seems to be good,“If you grasp a good opportunity,Use a rod to enter the king red ball,Master,Take a cool,The first ball is just below the flower ball.,How about it,Do you want to try a try?。”
“Now I am playing,Can you shut up?!”
Summer is extremely uncomfortable。
“Grass,What is your special code??”
“Looking for death is,Dare?”
Unlike the opening,The younger brother。
The face of the bald head is also a heavy,Immediately smile,“it is good,You play。”
He has decided,No matter the loss,Be sure to let this kid look good afterwards。
Summer face changed,Some crisp,No hard top,Pick up the club,Right to the red ball in the medium bag。
This red ball is originally in the bag.,And nearly near,So there is no unexpected goal.。
but,Red ball is behind,White mother ball is sticked to the table。
But everyone who plays billiards know,Regardless of the mother’s ball or goal,This kind of side ball,Very difficult。