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Now,Such a thing,anyway,In fact, there should be this necessary to completely handle it.,This is the key。

As for Tang Qiancheng?,It is watching this side.,The smile of his mouth is getting rich。
“But the next words,Other things are temporarily。”
“But for this,In fact, it is still a big cross section.!”
Just at this time,Tang Qiancheng actually thought of,What should I do next?。
And around Tang Qiancheng,Others have brushful。
For things on this,In fact, they don’t know.,What should I do?。
See here,Tang Qiancheng’s face is even more painful and free.。
“Even so,But for us,In fact, it is still a little bit.!”
Tang Qiancheng is so,It is the people around you.,The more you look, the more excited。
If now,Really,How do they handle??
at this time,Tang Qiancheng thought of some,Still say:“Now,Still starting with strength。”
“Make people pass,Try this kid。”
This truth in Tang Qiancheng said exports,More people around you,I brushful。
obviously,at this point,In fact, they all,It is completely seen that the problem is.。
Even so,But in Tang Qiancheng looks,This point,How should I handle it?。
Itself,Such a thing,In fact, it’s very simply very simply.。
Although it is now true,But Tang Qiancheng?,But it doesn’t feel,Current this,What will it?。
But just these,Tang Qiancheng is not to feel,What is the big deal?。
“All right,Can you say these nonsense now?。”
“Since it is going to do now,Then let’s let Shen Xuan know,Defense,What will it be?!”
When the Tang Qiancheng said export,Those people around those who brush their eyes。
After all, I will follow it.,How to do it in the end,In fact, such a thing,What yourself,Still need to want a way,Clearly solve,These are the most important。
And Tang Qiancheng looked at the eyes,The whole person’s brow is slightly frown。
“Be unreliable,Always feel,Where is a problem?。”
“but why,Just think of it??”
Just as Tang Qiancheng still feels very curious,Not far, someone runs quickly.。
“Boss,Great event,Several industries near Jiangboast,All has been merged by Shen Xuan.。”
This news,For the current,It is even like a sunny day.。
When all it is completely present。