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Just talking about a few people,Suddenly there is a darkness between the heavens and the earth,Darkness,Even if a person’s enemy is difficult to completely peek at these darkness,This piece of darkness will cover the normally。

The body of the evil turtle is also swallowed in the dark。
The blood in the dark,The body of the evil turtle is like a bloody lightning.,Quickly exit from the darkness,The eyes are vigilant, staring at the dark。
NS916chapter Xuanwu escape
Suddenly between China,Straightforward,A thrilling breath rises,The aura madness between the heavens and the earth is in the darkness。
This dark image is the same as the black hole,Crazy absorbed around the world。
A terrible breath rises,This breath is climbing。
“Yuan Shen finally condensed it out。”Jun is speechless with a gratification:“Fast than I think,This time, I have never experienced life and death.,Directly broke through the pressure of this evil turtle。”
“Although you can have a life and death,But if it fails,Then there is no room for retained.。”Sun Li Tiandao:“fair enough,In fact, she is already very dangerous.,This is very horrible!”
Qin Guangwang,Rotation,Chujiang Wang 3 people also have a gratified color,The breakthrough of Huangquan is letting them face the face。
The breath in the dark continues to be crazy。
When climbing to the realm of hobby,This breath is finally stopped.。
The sound of the gun sounded。
Dark fried,The night cold figure is in the empty,Beautiful scorpion with powerful deterrence,The sky of the sky flows with the power of the throne。
Evil turtle scarlet scorpion miniature,Its head is suddenly disappeared。
The sound of the air explosion sounds。
A stone appeared in front of it,Vouch of void,The squat is on the turtle shell of the evil turtle.。
The evil turtle is directly flying out.。
Night cold figure emerges,Beautiful cold,Handheld,The strength of the sky is broken on the sky,Her wrist,The heavenly guns are again on the evil turtle shell.。
The low voice is issued from the turtle shell of the evil turtle,The evil turtle is roaring,It does not come at this moment, there is no chance to sigh the night cold attack.,Only hiding inside the turtle shell,Evao attack。
Although such an attack can not hurt the evil turtle,But this makes the evil turtle humiliation。
Its blood flows in the body of the ancient beast,Noble in the bones,Can you be hit by a human beings?,But the no temper is tapping it.。
“bump!”Bored raceful sound,Let the people who watch the war feel the eardrum vibration。