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Everyone in the field is staying。

Hu Yu broken:“Do you almost kill people??”
Chen Riyuan shook his head。
Sun Jun is a child who makes mistakes.,I can’t tell a sentence.,He didn’t dare to believe that he did so low-level mistakes.。
Patients have mental symptoms,And it is a hyperthyroidism,He didn’t expect to have any irritability caused by low blood sugar.。
High,He is a high-level executive director,Such low-level errors,His dream did not expect himself to commit。
Soon the nurses have reported blood sugar value:23!
Serious hypoglycemia!
Chen Riyuan has not opened,Zhou Ye has already let the nurse immediately pushed a thick sugar.。
The nurse rushed to bring concentrated sugar to go in.,Four people stand on a side。
Especially Sun Jun,Very special emotional low。
Overlook2minute,Patient awareness recovered。
“I will write to the review。”Sun Jun said low and blame。
Because he did not measure blood sugar at the time.,So now I can’t conclude that excited symptoms are caused by low blood sugar.,Imagine if it is low blood sugar at the time,Do you want to live in a high metabolic state??
He didzime at the time,Convenient,I think there is no hypoglycemia at that time.,Spiritual symptoms are also caused by hyperthyroidism,Then I actually miss the opportunity to open blood sugar.。
Just like the patient may be hyperthyroidism after hyperthyroidism,Instead of being low blood sugar at the time,Otherwise, Sun Jun is really a lawsuit.。
Such a mistake is a minimum mistake in medicine.,Just do chest wear for patients,Then I accidentally tied a pneumothorax.!Can’t forgive!
“Xiao Wu,You are a ring,This time is good at eating at the old man.,Otherwise, the director of our grandchildren really played with fire.。”Chen Riyuan has some feelings。
At this time, the patient has consciously recovered.,The four people silently came out of the ward。
They stood on the promenade and went a road and suddenly stopped.。
Yes Sun Jun stopped first。
He looked at everyone,Full face:“I……I really don’t know how to explain it.,I will wait for the dean.,Request penalty。”
“It is not necessary to punish,Now the doctor resources are small,And it is good to be hyperthyroids after the patient should be hyperthyroidism.,When you pushed when you,Blood sugar should be good,You still continue to serve in the ward.。”Although Hu Yu, although he loved and Sun Jun on weekdays。
At the moment, I looked at the old proud of the past.,Hu Yu actually couldn’t say it.。
This kind of thing is actually in the department.,Even if you have,No one will know。
Chen Riyuan is also an almost,I didn’t say it.。
But Sun Jun has always been straight.,With his temper, you can’t stand this clearly know that you are doing wrong.,Also pretend what is not the same。
“I am late, I will ask the patient.,There is also the department’s department, I must also write a review.,I am also director after all.,Can’t take the lead to do something wrong。”Sun Jun’s voice is low and powerful,Running in everyone’s ear。
I suddenly felt that this man got bigger in front of him.。
The one you know before, I will be different from my military brother.!This may be the attitude of doctors to their work.?
Zhou Ye wondered。
I think of Xu Wei’s things now.,It is really a confidence。
To tell the truth, you have to have the life of the patient.。
Just like starting to lose fire in the kitchen,You close doors and windows,When I didn’t catch fire,Finally, will be the same。
Many people will be lazy on duty,Patients have a situation,If you don’t know, you will sleep.。
Such as Xu Wei,Excitement does not sleep,It’s okay to sleep.,Or the patient’s stomach is not sleeping,It’s okay to sleep.。
Zhou Yewu is very impressive,Some things have happened to him.,Endocrine patient,Dead at night,I found the condition the next morning.。
Maternal postpartum bleeding,Let the students who follow the duty to see it.,Later, the mother did not rescue it.。