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Be sure to choose a truth,Chu Deirers also prefer to use the sword in his hand.……

Guanzhong Yuan Tie,Today’s happiness,An out《Dou Yu》Very popular,Not only because of the feeling of touch,It is also because of the final ending,It is the father of Dou Yu, the sinus is in the capital.、A big official,Returning to the hometown and kill the corrupt a thief,Give a daughter to report hatred,Very well。
But the Chu Deirers don’t like this play.,Especially behind——I have to expect myself to have a scholastic.,Can you easily?It’s too high.?
It is also no wonder that Yuan Ting also supports this kind of play.,Kublai has always been hope that Yuan Tingke can also get it.……
Chu Deirers prefer later generations《White hair》——Even if I was tarnished by Huang Shiren,Escape to the mountains,The lonely white hairy girl is also:“I want to force me,I’m got your nest!Indulgent water,Imperfect fire!I am not dead.,I want to live!I want to revenge,I want to live!”
The same reason——My Chu defender has to take the back door of the main owner.,Can host fair?
Chapter 359 Small help
Chu Deirens with wooden,There is no horse riding,All road dolphins running,I came to the county in more time.。
Although the night city gate has been closed,But even the Chu Deiren is afraid of with a personal,Also easy to get on the fish……
This is not the county of the county.,The wall is very relaxed on the wall,Chu Deirers don’t know、The ghost is not entered.。
Then the first one is not aunt in the county.,But……Qunfuyuan!
“What did you do here??What is the news to ask?Do we go to slaughter the dog??”Muxi Qing’s cultivar has been hungry and is difficult。
“I just want to inquire about the message to listen to the dog.……”Chu Deiren。
After all, it is just the word of Qin family.,Although some are familiar,But Chu Deirers feel,It is still necessary to verify——It is very simple for Chu Deirers.,Directly come to Qunfuyuan to inquire!
Even if Group Jade Academy does not deliberately collect information related to the court officials,But according to this Joy Known County arrogant,It is a man who is ghost.,Not a confidentiality。
It is also the time when Qunyu is lively.……
The small mouth of the doorway,Seeing the Chu Deiren as a man and a woman,It’s also stunned.。
“Two……This guest officer……”Xiao Yan doesn’t know,This female guest officer is not coming in.。
“Go fast back!After the second half, we have to be busy.!”Mu Yuqing is anxious。
“lead the way,Go see you old。”Chu Deirers said directly to the lack of Xiao Yan。
Turtles don’t know,What is this?,But look at the children of Chu Deirers.,The introduction of the leader in the head of the head immediately.。
After the Chu Deiren,Cited private place,Exchange a relationship——Just as Chu Deirers think,This Joy is evil,Except for the few months of just taken,Already reached the extent that does not add,Said that the last dog official is not。
In addition, Chu Dee will receive an additional message.,That is this county order,Although I got on the shore,But it is also a martial arts in martial arts.,Practicing the heart of the poisonous,So I need a poisonous snake!
certainly,According to the information of Qunfu Academy,Make a three-flow level,Later, I didn’t know who the relationship was collected.,Have a official?Also pulled some Jianghu customers to catch fast、Gather。
Because there is no relationship with the sunsetism?So this kind of intelligence involving the court,Qunfu Academy has no more listening。
But for the Chu Deirers?I know this now.……
In fact, the Chu Deirers also have9Believe?Qin family grandchildren did not lie,Cause no——This section exists in the original!
Qin Nanqin?Old version、That is, the serial version《Shooting Heroes》middle,Very important female match?Also Yang“original”Hi-life mother。
Original setting?It is Qin Nanqin to be saved by Guo Jing.,Fang Xinxin,But later by Yang Kang stains,Also pregnant with Yang Kang’s children……
Qin Nanqin is also enough?The old version of Yang Kang is dying in her hands.——Yang Kang thought that Qin Nanqin has a child?There is also Wang Hao Fu,I am very assured to her.。
But the final Qin Nanqin secretly,When he can poison him,In front of his face,I want to think about his thoughts、Tibetan can’t let go of death《Wu Mu》Cablet?One page is torn off,Direct Yang Kang live a lot of dizziness?Waiting for him to wake up、Continue to tear again。
Compared to the original Mu Jingci,Qin Nanqin is more distinctive、Also more grievances。
And Qin Nanqin as Yang’s biological mother?It is also more in line with the character of Yang.,At the same time, Yang took a hidden snake skill.?Also dark and“Little dragon girl”、“Fixians”Two characters of the name as the egg。
But then Qin Nanqin was deleted.?Combining with Mu Jing?Constimation、Some of the plots of Xuan Xuan,Can Yang’s person has become a non-rooted——If it is a child,I will not conceal my father’s identity.,Instead, the home country love education is。
Only the Qin Nanqin, which is slightly ill, Qin Nanqin,Mother as Yang,Take more in line with Yang’s personality……
Feel good、Mu Jingci with a righteous,Can teach Yang,Seems to be quirky。
The reason for deleting Qin Nanqin,In addition to streamlined people,It is also because of Qin Nanqin related plot,compare“Mouse”,Just like Xiaoxiangzi can drive the coffin to hurry,Similar plots in officially published versions,Have been cut。
About Qin Nanqin section,If and the original,Then the forest poisoned snake is getting less,Because there is a chic bird——What is the white eagle?,Be more“strange”Much more,The sound can make the master’s master feel bored、Resorted snake,Even in the fire“bath”!