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I have something to say to Li’s brother.。”

Jiang Shuyan heard this,Laugh:“Row,Then let’s go out first.,Uncle, don’t you polite?,Lee big brother is very money。”
Say,Jiang Shuoyan took Zhao Xiaoling to go out.,As for a lot of little, she is ignored.。
Zhang Duo seeing this scene is also a little embarrassing.。
See everyone left,Jin Xijie wants to get together to close the door。
But Li Hui Feng is a first step to give the door.。
“Don’t get up,You now have the degree of healing of bones to handle,Let’s talk about something first.。”
Jin Xijie hesitated,Then sigh my mouth:“I want to ask Li Brothers to help me take care of two people.,certainly,If I live, I will not trouble. Li Brothers.,I mean if I am dead.,Can Li brother can’t help me take care of it?,Because I owe them。”
Chapter 615 to the chance
Whole person?”
Li Hui Feng feels some minds for Jin Xijie.,I thought of Jin Xijie’s parents for the first time.。
“Hey-hey,In my eyes, I have two people.,Maybe I am a stranger in them.。”
“Who are you talking about?,I can see if I can take care of it.,If you can’t, I will tell you in advance.。”
Jin Xijie has not lost this for Li Hui’s answer.,But very happy,Although he is not very understanding that Li Rong is a person,But the one who has made through Li Hui Feng also knows,Unless otherwise,But once promised, then it will definitely be realized。
“Hey-hey,You will definitely take care of it.,A twenty-seventh year old woman with a five-year-old little boy。”
Jin Xijie said this,The face actually exposed gentle color,This makes Li apart a bit surprised.,Why didn’t he think of this man in his eyes will actually have a gentle side?。
first,Li Hui has gave birth to a kind of thinking that the other party has changed so much.。
“Hey-hey,Row,I promised this.,For a while, you will give me your contact information.,By the way, tell me your story.,I want to know what makes you change so big.,Actually it can go back,This is really very unexpected.。”
Jin Xijie’s words about Li Hui Feng,Also a glimpse。
Because Li Hui’s wind can I don’t want to listen to the roots.,And his story seems to only say that people who understand it can understand the other party.,People who don’t understand, listen to the root, will not experience the kind of mood.,That feeling。
“Hey,In fact, I am mixed with this point.,I don’t know why I don’t know.,Maybe it is because of their mother.。”
“You should remember the last time we met.?”
Li Xiangzhi nodded:“Remember,At the high school door。”
“Um,That one is actually what I just came out.,Of course why you can come out, don’t ask.,Asked, I won’t say it.,At that time, we were trained by people.,Later, I feel that person is you.,So there is no action。”
Jin Xijie said this,Li Hui Feng knows that this time should be Tianshir,However, Tian Should seems to be a plant.,The key to this matter is that there is no relationship with him.。
“hehe,It is possible to really be me.。”
“Um,I can actually guess.,We are worried by the high school students.,Fuck is old,Now dry now,That is the first dry business.,I didn’t expect you to meet you.,The result is naturally not yet,Instead, I was humiliated by the other party.。”
Li Hui Feng frowned and listened to the other party.,He always felt that the other party said some nonsense nonsense.,Because this is related to his transition, there is no semi-cuisine relationship.。
“Golden boss,You just say it directly.,Someone is waiting outside?,You are not afraid that they can’t wait.。”
Jin Xijie was interrupted by Li Hui,It is also a bit awkward。
“Hey-hey,Row,Just from that time, my prestige is a lot.,Plus the previous boss, not supported me.,After all, I will go in.,Anyway, it is getting more and more bad.,Fortunately, my person is still there.,The average person is also shaking,Later,The old son seems to violate a girl.,Old, I want to go to the girl.,Let the girl shut up the mouth。”
“I started to be promised.,Go directly to the old,The result is behind,I am stunned.,Because she is with my son to talk to the old price,She wants to make money for my son to school,I don’t know why she remembered her name for the first time.,Maybe she is the reason for the debt I made in the year.,The boy is also very similar to me.。”
“She may not think I will encounter me.,I don’t even talk to the old people.,Take a little boy directly。”
“But the ID card is forgotten,I know that the other party is actually the people in this county.,And it’s still a girl in a village there.,I don’t know if she will be pregnant.,I don’t even know that she will raise the child so much alone.,I have no negligibility in this person.,I even feel that I can’t die.,Anyway, I am orphan,Bike,The bike strip is also good,I know that there is no good end in evil.,So only more evil for me.,I can stand firm.。”
“Can they appear in their marsh,Let me shake,Let my heart have 羁,Let me know that I still have people to protect,People who want to guard,Although I know that she will hate me,Although I know, I should go to jail,But I just want to protect them at that time.。”
“The houses of their mother rent in the county,I want to recognize them.,But my enemy is too much.,I don’t want them to be dangerous.。”
Li Huihe heard here,Some wonderful way:“How do you make sure your child is yours??
And you are strong for people?”
“Forehead,Unintended,But it is almost almost,She is drunk,Then” The back of the words are not more,But Li Hui has already understood。