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Chapter 118 Go home

Chu Deiren seems“fair”The way after saying,Wu Sangui and Li Zi Chengdu have seen nine difficulties,But just at the next moment,Both people do not agree with the swords on the ground,Cut into each other
The enemy meets the red eye,Who is dead first、Who after death,It is also very different!
Dangdang is also lively。
The two will be martial arts,But all the sand grouse,Remain inside、Longer,Quite a few profits of the swordsmanship。
Nine hard, just looked at the two people,See two enemies,Of course, you will look at the drama first.。
Wu Sangui、The more you accept everyone in Xi Wangfu,Auntie is going to remind Chu Deirers,Be careful of old turtles。
But just at this time,I saw Chu Deirers,By the side of Pingxi Wangfu,Vain
Suddenly a soft and strong,As if the waves are general,The large-scale Pingxi Wangfu pushed the past。
A person, etc.,Several gold top disciples,Also want to succeed hard,One of the top of the head,But still being pushed to endure。
One face is gray,One is the anthropogenesis after the tree,Two companies have realized the gap between the two sides.,Psychological drop。
Chu Deiren looks weight、Just believers,And such a large range of themselves,I can’t do anything else.!
A person, etc.,Only if there is Ouyang Feng non-need to stand,Also able to do it,However, Mr. Ouyang directly took the initiative to pay a step.,Not fight。
Li Zicheng saw he wanted to make a fraud,Never polite,Take the opportunity to throw the sword to Wu Sangui,Take advantage of him,Pins,I have provoked the Zen sticks that I have just flied.!
The two people are all the number of ways to open.,Sword is not good at,This one of the temples,Li Self’s achievement is more
Just use a handle of the sword,Wu Sanui did not dare to touch him.。
But see Li Zicheng.,I heard Chen Yuanyuan.,Wu Sangui is shameless,Want to kill Li Zicheng,It’s a matter of fact, but the way is a meal.,Cut the Chen Yuanyuan!
Li Zicheng quickly,Use a Zen stick to hold Wu Sangui’s sword,After the resentment,Flying a foot will kick Wu Sangui,Then you have to hammered his head into a watery watermelon.。
However, at this time,Chen Yuanyuan shouted:“do not want!”
Said that I was busy with Wu Sangui.,Block Li Zicheng
Chu Deman:???
“Round!You let you open!”Li Zicheng is annoyed。
Chen Yuanyuan:“no!I have a couple with him for more than a decade.,He also watched me.,I can’t watch him for me.!”
Chu Deman:???
“Hey,It turned out so many years,Your heart is still him!”
Chu Deman:???
Chu Deirers directly see a question mark Chen Auntie,Where did you come so much??
Wu Sangui is dead today,What does it have to do with you?
You see Wu Sangui’s face is purple.
Think about it is also,Originally, I didn’t care about Chen Yuanyuan.,Otherwise, it will not be decisive.,But there is constant guidance,Now that Chen Yuanyuan is still like Wu Sangui, it really wants to vomit blood.!
Wu Kang also revealed the color of the foxide,It seems to be suspected,He is really a replacement of this Chen Yuanyuan as a mother.,What is the deep feelings?!
“Teacher too,Same as a family”Chen Yuanyuan is still a nine difficulties。
She is not stupid, Li Zicheng does not kill Wu Sangui.,As long as the nine is difficult to revenge,This two people are dead。
What did the Chu deer seem to be aware?,I saw an eye in the direction of Chen Yuanyuan.。
Auntie:“What do you want to do??This person is so vicious,What do you have a family?!”
She didn’t recognize these two fathers at this time.,However, in the heart, the grievances of nine are very large,Take a speech immediately
“you!”Nine hard, seeing the top of the Aka,Can’t help but annoying,But the spin is thinking of your own,Heart is another soft,Instead, it is reversed。
After all, she is not a big contrast of iron stone heart.,Although under hatred,I don’t think I am wrong.,But after some things have been,Psychological is inevitable。
Wu Kang shouted immediately:“Teacher too!Deceased,You kill my father now,Also, it is in vain that the emperor is happy.,My previous commitment is still effective,As long as the teacher is willing to let the father of the father can be witnessed,The father is set to the family,Before the first place,Day repentance!”