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“I want to go back to Cai’s home in a few days。”Uncle Geng looked up at the blue sky,Thoughtful。

“Are you used to staying here??”
“Is not,Want to go back,Look at your aunt,Just dig an empty grave for the sea,Forget it but I have a wish。”
“Should。”Li Tianchou nodded,“You set a date,I accompany you back。”
“No need to,You are busy with everyone。Just let Wenhui accompany me。”Uncle Geng shook his head and refused。
“No delay。”Li Tianchou insisted,He is very worried,And there is a big doubt in my heart,It means that Uncle Geng never mentioned Xiangdong after he came back,It’s not normal。Peng Weihua asked more than once,But they were all covered up by Uncle Geng casually,I’m afraid there is a big secret in this,But Uncle Geng didn’t say,You can’t force it too hard。“Many things are led by Zhu Lei,It doesn’t matter if I leave for two or three days。”
“Next Tuesday。”Uncle Geng is noncommittal,Doesn’t seem to object,After a moment of silence, he still refused,“Everyone like this,I feel relieved。I’m afraid it will take some time to go back this time,Will meet some old friends,You don’t have to*Heart。Take everyone,and also,Pay special attention to Zhang Zhiqiang,This person must be reported。”
“I will pay attention。”Li Tianchou nodded,No longer insist,But I have made up my mind。
“Push me back,Want to sleep for a while。”Uncle Geng gave an order,Sounds very tired。But Li Tianchou realized that Uncle Geng seemed to have something to say。So I followed the two guys and sent Uncle Geng back to the house。
Chapter 279 not easy
Wait for others to leave,Uncle Geng spoke,“I know you all care about Xiangdong,The reason why I kept silent,Just because it’s hard to say。I’m afraid that everyone’s heart will fall apart。”
Li Tianchou looked at Uncle Geng in surprise,No interruption。
Uncle Geng thought for a moment,Seems to be organizing language:“You are different,Should fully understand the situation,But promise me,Never let a third person know,It’s good for everyone。”
“I promise you。”Li Tianchou nodded,Feel bad,Did Xiangdong do anything to sorry everyone??
“Xiangdong gave me to Zhang Zhiqiang,This is something I never thought of。”Uncle Geng sighed heavily,The expression is unspeakable,“He has been with me for so long,I’m here in my teens……So everything is unpredictable,As for why,No need to talk,Anyway, have ideas。So i can’t say,Otherwise everyone will be suspicious of each other,No sense of trust,This is fatal。”