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See Zhou Haichang’s bid,Wu Zesheng looked at Kang Yuze again,Smiled at him。

Kang Yuze knows how to raise the sign again,Bid 260 million。
The auction will continue,As if bidding at a base price of 10 million,Other developers in the field have focused their attention on Wu Zesheng and Zhou Haichang.,No one bids again,Blend in between the two。
There was discussion in the venue,The competition between these two real estate predators is getting more exciting。
in fact,Insiders almost know,Hengneng Real Estate is inevitable for this land,So no one sincerely competes with Wu Zesheng。Everyone also thinks that the final result of the auction is also that Hengneng Real Estate won。
only,No one expected,He actually killed Zhou Haichang halfway,With such a fierce momentum and Wu Zesheng grabbed the ground……
Although as a developer,I’m used to this kind of fighting scene,But there is rarely a chance to see such a wonderful scene。Everyone is attentive,Watch the development。
even,Someone started alone,This land will fall into Wu Zesheng’s hands,It’s Zhou Haichang。
270 million、Two hundred and eighty million、290 million……
“300 million!”Kang Yuze’s voice echoed on the scene alone。
Zhou Haichang wants to continue fighting with Wu Zesheng,But before he came, he set a bottom line in his heart——Three hundred million,He can only accept prices within 300 million yuan,Never break this bottom line。
of course,Wu Zesheng is not a fool,Even if he wants this land anymore,It’s impossible to fight endlessly。Before he came to the auction,Zhang Wenya called the company’s shareholders for a meeting,The price ceiling set at the meeting is between 300 million and 330 million。
After Kang Yuze bid 300 million,Zhou Haichang didn’t respond。
“300 million once,300 million twice,300 million three times!Deal!”As the host’s auction hammer rang,The land next to the commercial center was successfully acquired by Wu Zesheng。
At this time Wu Zesheng understands,Zhou Haichang’s heart price is less than 300 million。
First42chapter Righteous shot
After the auction ends,Developers who are familiar with Wu Zesheng come to congratulate him。
Wu Zesheng feels a bit complicated,If it wasn’t for Zhou Haichang to fight with him repeatedly,The transaction price will not be 300 million。but,Although it cost tens of millions,But given the importance of this land to Hengneng Real Estate,Wu Zesheng thinks it’s worth it。