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that’s it,They passed through Yulin City,After one and a half hours,They arrived in Burqin。

Burqin City is obviously fighting,Even the city wall was beaten through。
Although Burqin has been firmly controlled by the opposition,But the opposition with more than a thousand people obviously can’t stand in every corner of the city。
They walk in the dark,Successfully entered Burqin City。
quickly,They found the location of the material warehouse。
Because the location of the material warehouse is too conspicuous。
The material warehouse is located next to Tina Airport in Burqin。
Is to facilitate the transportation of materials,Tina Airport is a small airport built temporarily。
But the sparrow is small and complete。
This is a good protective measure,There is a guard post every two hundred meters。
These guard posts are all connected together,Is to cooperate with each other。
And an air defense system was deployed here,Just to prevent warplanes or gunships from bombing here。
And there are obviously many guard posts here,obviously,They all know the importance of this material warehouse。
As long as something happens to this material warehouse,Then they have no chance。
This material warehouse also transports materials back and forth at night。
At midnight,There are also transport helicopters here to prepare,Transport materials to Black Green at any time。
The two places, the material warehouse and the airport, are the most tight,Flying wolf suddenly thought,Instead of blowing up the material warehouse alone, it’s better to blow up both.。
The airport may be more important than the material warehouse。
This time they carried the fried,The medicine is very strong,medicine,And this amount is enough。