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Guo Yingdong looked at Chen Xiu’s surprised expression and said with a smile:“The accumulation of wealth in my life is due to the person I met when I was young,Do you think I didn’t do my research?”

“I checked a lot of ancient books,There are always secrets to find information about immortals,It was also discovered that the fairy may be related to Ge Hong。”
“But as I checked,I found that the descriptions of immortals by those ancient people who had a relationship with immortals are not like folklore,All are written with bloodthirsty content。”
“I suspected‘Fairy’Probably a zombie,I just haven’t been able to confirm。”
“But today I heard what you said,I can tell,The one i met‘Cents’People are probably also zombies!”
“If it is not wrong,He should still be a second-generation zombie!”
Chen Xiu asked strangely:“Guo Lao,Now that you guessed it might be a zombie,You are not afraid?”
“Why be afraid?”
Chen Xiu really didn’t think about this issue seriously,Folklore and film and television works in the past have always been promoted“Fairy”All justice,And zombies are naturally a kind of monsters,It’s not normal to be afraid。
But why do zombies belong to the evil category of monsters?
“Learn about the habits of some zombies from ancient books,They are bloodthirsty,But they didn’t kill those who wrote the notes,If the zombies are irrational and bite at the sight of people。As you said,From Ge Hong, the ancestor of zombies, it has been nearly 1,800 years,I’m afraid there are not many human beings alive!”
“not to mention,I have seen that person several times before and after,If he wants to suck my blood,I’m afraid I won’t live till now。”
Guo Yingdong can create such a wealth,IQ is naturally superior,The thinking of seeing things is more than that of ordinary people,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but admire it together,Can’t help but praise:“Guo Lao,You really look forward!”