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Xiang Yang responded in a low voice,Zheng Weiwei was satisfied with removing her foot from Zheng Ziling’s body。

“Stop messing around,The highlight is coming!”
Watching the confrontation between my daughter and son,Unsurprisingly, it was the victory of one of my own daughters.,A reminder,The little guys around me stopped talking,Refocus on Zhu Guosheng。
A polite greeting for a long time,Zhu Guosheng is nothing more than using a soft nail to pierce the faces of the surrounding rocky people,Finally expressed his final purpose。
“I am too lazy to care about family affairs,So how much money,How much did you lose,It doesn’t matter to me。The business strategy developed by my son-in-law,I am definitely unconditional support,Because of business knowledge,He must know better than me!”
Zhu Guosheng turned his head and glanced at his daughter,Motioned to myself for so long ,Somewhat thirsty。
Zhu Shiyao also understood what his father meant,Ran and got a glass of water for Zhu Guosheng,Zhu Guosheng also took advantage of the trend to keep Zhu Shiyao by his side。
Then he turned to look at Guo Enting and said:“But I really want to know,Why did the gunman who killed my nephew appear on the freighter of my Zhu family??And it’s a new route。”
Daughter by my side,Zhu Guosheng speaks with confidence,Tried several times before,But my daughter is too close to Guo Enting,So Zhu Guosheng doesn’t know how to start。
Fortunately, I am wise,Tuned out my daughter。
“I don’t know what you are talking about。”
Saw Peng Peng’s body,Guo Enting’s heart started to get cold,But on his face,Still remain calm and at a loss,I don’t seem to understand what Zhu Guosheng is asking。
“dad,what are you saying?”
Zhu Shiyao tugged Zhu Guosheng’s arm,My body is already protected in front of Guo Enting。
Sighed silently,But visually check the distance,I seem to be able to guarantee that my daughter is safe,So Zhu Guosheng doesn’t seem to be particularly worried。
Looking at my daughter,Zhu Guosheng has a little apology in his eyes。
Compared with my nephew and my son-in-law,Although Zhu Guosheng wants to make his daughter happy,But he thinks he should give his dead nephew an explanation。
“It might really be like Zhengkang went to Wanghai University first,Then it was a coincidence that I went to the business center after I went to the company,I also hope to catch this bastard is also a coincidence!”
Zhu Guosheng pointed at Peng Peng’s body,The smile on his face was rather helpless:“It’s a real coincidence,If it wasn’t for Old Han to ask me to help,I won’t find,The gunman who killed my nephew will be on our own company’s ship。”