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Su Jianfeng heard the news,His face suddenly became ugly。

He is already the head of the Su family,But even this little thing is unfair,Still alarm the old man,Really dull face,And it will make people mistaken that his abilities are limited,Not enough to lead the Su family to prosperity。
have to say,The fourth brother reports to the old man at this critical moment,It really is a trick,The killer,In case, if it makes Elder Su feel that Su Jianfeng has not handled it properly,Not worthy to be the owner,Maybe the fourth child can get in,Replace it。
“Not let go?Kind of interesting?Are you keeping me for dinner??”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Hear him,Su Jianfeng couldn’t help but sink in his heart,Fold your eyebrows。
As the head of the Su family,After Su Jianfeng saw this terrifying martial arts with the surname Lu,Only one thought,That is to send this plague god away quickly。
He didn’t even care about Su Mufeng’s leg being broken,That’s because he doesn’t want the Su family to suffer more,Just wait for the kid to leave Su’s house,You can mobilize whatever power you can to clean him up。
In a word,This guy named Lu is like a super bomb,Su Jianfeng really doesn’t want him to be detonated in the Su family mansion,So I lowered my head temporarily。
I don’t know the fourth child, but he quietly reported the matter to Grandpa Su,The old man spoke,To leave people,It’s difficult now。
Seeing Su’s family is ready to move again,Lu Menglin sneered in his heart,But there is no change on my face,Sit firmly on the Diaoyutai。
The expression on Su Yi’s face is getting more and more nervous,Because she knows that Grandpa Su is not the second uncle Su Jianfeng in front of her,Although that person is very old,But an arrogant man,Never compromise,So in that era of turbulent change,Substitute this huge family business for the Su family。
If Grandpa Su is determined to deal with Lu Menglin,Save the face of the Su family,It is bound to use thunder means,Never let go easily。
“Menglin,Or let’s go!I don’t want to stay here anymore。”Su Xuehen saw her mother look different,Vaguely guessed something,Can’t help but step forward and say to Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“Forget it,Come all here,We should solve it all together。do not worry,The Su family is connected to you,I try to restrain,Won’t mess。”
At this moment,Su Yunlei couldn’t help it finally,Gritted his teeth and said:“Lu Menglin,You better take them away!My grandpa is not annoying,No one has ever taken any advantage under his hands!His old man must be able to clean up you。”
Su Yunlei suddenly heard,Everyone around was taken aback,I thought that this little nizi was actually preaching the majesty of the old man?I’m still taking the opportunity to tell that kid to run away?
It seems that this girl is outgoing,The ancients don’t deceive me,Sure enough, all of them are like this!