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Lin Yoona’s low mood,It lasted until after she and Xiao Fan finished their dinner,I’m thinking about it thoroughly。

Seeing Lin Yuna became happy a little bit,A stone in Xiao Fan’s heart,Just fell to the ground。
“Xiao Fan,Such a big thing happened to Ouyang’s house yesterday,In the daytime today,Why didn’t I hear any relevant news??”Lin Yuner frowned and asked。
Xiao Fan was taken aback,Enlai, he thought that Lin Yuner hadn’t asked about Ouyang’s family.,I thought she had completely forgotten about Ouyang’s affairs?
It seems,I really underestimated Lin Yoona’s curiosity.!
“I’m not so sure either,but,I guess it might be Wen Tianli’s use,Or what method was used,Will not let this news,Spread on the wind chime island!”Xiao Fan explained。
“Oh!”Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,Then nodded clearly。
Just when Xiao Fan was complacent about giving Lin Yun’er such a perfect explanation,Lin Yoona suddenly asked again:“What’s wrong with Wind Chime Island?Why can’t the news spread on this island??”
“I don’t know this,But I guess,It should be because Wen Tianli is afraid that the news will spread on Fengling Island,Will affect the mood of these merchants on the island?,In case they are worried,Returned the shop,Isn’t Wen Tianli going to lose more than the gains?!”Xiao Fan’s explanation to Lin Yuner,It can be said to be in the clouds。
Should I say that Xiao Fan has explained things clearly?,But there is no specific explanation,Why it affects the mood of merchants。
But Xiao Fan didn’t explain things clearly, right?,But it really told Lin Yuner why Wen Tianli didn’t spread the news on Fengling Island because of what exactly。
at this time,Xiao Fan really didn’t dare to take it lightly,He was really afraid that Lin Yoona would really ask himself more tricky questions at this time。
so,Since Xiao Fan answered Lin Yuner’s questions,,The nerves are always in a tight state。