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The other seed teams have already started climbing,And their speed is not slow,Just a few breaths,Someone has rushed all the way to the mountainside,There is only a small black spot in the field of vision。

Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“Not urgent,You go first!I will come soon。”
Tu Shan can’t hold back tomorrow morning,Grinned openly:“it is good!Then I rushed!I am invincible!Must climb higher than them!”
The voice has not fallen,The impatient Tu Shanming has strode out,Left a series of big footprints in the snow。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Because the fantasy princess made an agreement with herself,To enter the Temple of Miracles together,But why hasn’t it appeared until now??Did something happen to your Highness??
“Brother Wuhao,Let’s go together!”Huang Shaotian suddenly said。
Lu Menglin’s whole body suddenly shocked,Shine in the eyes,Shen Sheng:“it is good!”
Talk about it,Three people walking side by side,Set foot on the mountain。
Only when I walked out of the foot of the mountain,Lu Menglin immediately felt an indescribable pressure,As if in a whirlpool,Suction in all directions,Sucking his body,Even the light energy in the body is shaken。
Although this sucks,It won’t affect your speed,But Lu Menglin already understood,What is the so-called sacred mountain coercion?。
Because the light energy in this sacred mountain is too huge,So it has a natural impact on the energy of other people,Somewhat similar to gravitation,But it’s not just as simple as attracting。
The turbulence of mountain energy,It will jump around from time to time,The intensity of these turbulence energy,The closer to the top,Will become stronger,And you will die if you are hit by the energy turbulence,If your own defense is not enough to resist,Maybe it’s wiped out in a single blow。
Being in this extreme environment where you can die on the spot at any time,Psychological pressure is not uncommon,This is for many spirits and guts,Another test。
quickly,Those who went up the mountain early,Most of them slow down when they reach halfway up the mountain,Some of them continue to climb,Just slower and slower,It’s almost as fast as a turtle。
Because those people are almost reaching their limits,They have to find the extreme height they can bear,But stayed there,Start practicing。