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This world is back to what it was before,All creatures seem to be suspended by time,When the right to live again,Live as if you don’t know anything。

Because I can’t bear these two terrible forces,Unfortunately, those guys in Lingxiao City have lost the qualifications to live.。
They themselves are evil,Die if you die,Just compared to the real one,Xia Chenglong’s vomiting of blood in the stool looks much more serious。
“Hey,All right!”
Tu Cancan shouted in a hurry,Want to help,But was stopped by Murong Qianxue。
“Going now will only make him die faster。”
“But always do something,How about you,Aren’t you great,Go help you man!”
“I can’t help him。”
This is not real Murong Qianxue,Maybe it’s just a phantom that evolved from Xia Chenglong’s heart,It’s just that this phantom is effective when Xia Chenglong acts,But can’t affect other people。
So she can kill Xia Chenglong at this moment,But can’t deal with another ghost at this moment。
“summer~to make~Long~”
This voice is real,But I think no one can hear。
In an underground ice cellar of the Murong family in the capital,The woman in plain clothes on the bed of ice jade called out the name unconsciously。
This woman is extremely beautiful,Even without makeup, ordinary people can compare。
This is the real Murong Qianxue,do not know why,There is no trace of aura in her body,So the eyebrows are much weaker。
do not know why,When I closed my eyes and meditated, I still remembered that man,How is he now,Is it good!