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“Don’t look at me like that,”Looking at Rex with a shocked and surprised look·Douglas,Chen Geng’s indifferent way:“Mr. Douglas,The little bit dirty between your Douglas family and Boeing,Mike and I know……Ok,Can you talk about Boeing’s attempt to block the dual-issue versionDC-10withMD-11,Have you promised you many benefits??”

Unexpectedly, Chen Geng would not save himself any face,After a brief astonishment,Rex·Douglas quickly denied:“you……what did you say?Don’t talk nonsense……I do not have……”
Seeing a blush on his face、A burst of white Rex·Douglas,Chen Geng“whispering sound……”With a:“We in China have an old saying that has been passed down from thousands of years of money,Called‘If you don’t want to be known about it,Unless you haven’t done it at all’,The reverse of this sentence means that as long as you do something,There is no possibility of confidentiality,As for Rex·Mr. Douglas, what have you talked about with Boeing、What kind of deal was reached……Ha ha……”
Chen Geng shrugged,The way of hatred:“do you know?Just a few hours ago,I just saw some photos from Mr. Macdonald Jr.。”
Rex·Douglas’ face turned pale instantly!
Buzzing in his ears,There is only one thought in my mind:Really?Fernandez·Chen and the damn little Macdonald really know?Do not……impossible,How could they know this kind of thing……
Just have to say something,But found that Chen Geng’s figure had disappeared outside the door,Looking at the empty doorway,Rex·Douglas shivered suddenly:
Little MacDonald already knew about the business between him and Boeing?
If he had known,When did he know?
Since he already knew he had an affair with Boeing,So for what reasons and considerations did he endure all these years、Pretend not to see,Instead of coming out?
For myself this time with Boeing“Cooperation”detail,How much does he know?
A series of questions,Rex·Douglas almost driven crazy,Only then did he realize,I don’t know how many times I was taunted by myself、How many times have you scolded“Idiot”Not stupid at all,It’s the self who is complacent behind is the real idiot。