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.Joe,Please save Lucas!”
The car stopped at the door of the villa,Mrs. Anji ran out of the villa,Knelt down with a puff,Crying and begging for Qiao Tianyu’s help。
Mrs. Anji’s abnormal behavior really scared Qiao Tianyu,He quickly helped Mrs. Anji up,Asking what happened?
Mrs. Angie said anxiously,Mr. Anji answered the phone this afternoon and went out,Haven’t come back yet。
She has searched all the places she can find,But you can’t find Mr. Anji,She suspects that Mr. Angie must have been kidnapped。
This makes Qiao Tianyu confused,Mr. Anji was kidnapped,Go to the police?What does it have to do with me, Qiao Tianyu?
Mrs. Angie insisted,Mr. Anji’s disappearance today,It must be because Mr. Angie wounded the thief who stole the big box with a gun last night,Revenge!
Didn’t Qiao Tianyu say that the big box belongs to their Qiao family?,Qiao Tianyu is responsible!
I’ll give it a go!
What shit logic!
Since you admit that the big box belongs to our Qiao family,Why didn’t you let me take it away yesterday?
Now the big box is lost,You want me to be responsible again?
This logical shit doesn’t make sense!
But Mrs. Angie was killed. The matter was related to the big box.,I have to take Qiao Tianyu to the underground wine cellar where the large boxes are stored.。
The entrance to the underground wine cellar is in a storage room on the first floor of the villa,Down the stairs,Came to the underground wine cellar with more than 200 square meters。
The underground wine cellar is filled with all kinds of oak barrels,The oak barrels are affixed with labels and imprints of various wineries,It shows that these wines are the wines of major wineries。
Have such a grand wine cellar,It shows that the Anji couple are definitely wine lovers,And the financial strength of the couple is absolutely strong。
Otherwise, just the price of any barrel of wine in the cellar,Are enough for ordinary people’s income for a year。
Mrs. Anji took Qiao Tianyu to a corner of the wine cellar,Pointed to a square of open space there,And a light blueTShirt。