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If Xia Chenglong really does something excessive at this moment,Both of them are over。

Yingzi quietly grabbed Xia Chenglong’s hand,Want to calm him down,But I dare not make too much movement,Fear of attracting attention。
Can’t stand here forever,Take him away first。
“Aaron,let’s go!”
Yingzi pulled Xia Chenglong’s body forward passively,Although those eyes no longer stare at others,But the murderous aura still exists。
The two will meet after five breaths,At that time they will be on the same level,It’s also the best time for him to do it!
“what,Mr. Chairman, I still have to say a few more words,After all, it is our Taishan Beidou!”
“Haha,Lord Yang joked,I’m a Wufu,Soft words!”
They are still talking and laughing,Explain that he was not found,This is a good opportunity。
For Ye Ziqi,Even if you lose something,That should be。
coming,They are on the same level,Just need Xia Chenglong to infuse the running aura in his hand,Then send out,It’s that simple。
The two want to meet,Xia Chenglong’s qi also happened to converge successfully at this moment。