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“I won’t live here then。”When Lulu said,A trace of loss flashed in my eyes,At the end,Cheer up,Wave goodbye:“Thank you,I go first。”

Chen Wenjin understands,Lulu’s parents made it easy for her to go to school,Prepared a house near Pengzhong,Lulu is probably because of this,Think the future school will be different,Live far away,It’s hard to have a chance to meet again。
Lulu lives near Abao,But the community is different,Sometimes Chen Wenjin and Abao would meet her here,Live far away,Obviously unlikely。
‘Just a joke,Unexpectedly lead to these things。I didn’t expect it back then,Lulu still cares。thought,She is like me,I have properly dealt with the ambiguous emotions at the time。’Chen Wenjin thought,I think he could handle it well.,About the effect of being single,It’s all due to self-control,Too arrogant。At that time, he was an extreme boy who was extremely lack of love and yearned for love,Not because I was with Hui later,Can you really deal with Lulu’s thoughts for a long time??
Chen Wenjin thought,Think more……As for him to Lulu,It was actually because two people got to know each other,Know the emotional state of each other。But all found,Their values vary greatly,character、Not ideally。And Lulu doesn’t want to fall in love early,Also revealed that she will stick to her life plan,Unbreakable attitude。
Chen Wenjin liked Lulu to be pretty,After discovering that personality and ideas are completely incompatible,He also felt that he should not continue to overheat the contact。
So the two people are in this tacit understanding,Everyone。
As a young girl of this age,Their state at the time seemed calm and unreasonable。
But in fact it’s not calm,But the difference in personality and thought is like cold water,Continue to extinguish their enthusiasm,Lulu is not short of love,Her parents have authority in her mind,And let her respect and love,Naturally, I firmly believe that early love is a stumbling block that affects schoolwork and the future,So reject。
Chen Wenjin is extremely lack of love,So what he longs for is to go hand in hand forever,The romantic love that never separates。
But Lulu is not that kind of person,This kind of natural romantic love in his eyes is for Lulu,Is very irrational,Very selfish and self-willed and unreasonable。
Lulu thinks that two people like each other,Can’t fall in love,Should study hard together,Caring for each other encourages going to the same high school,Same university,Stay together after school,Face life together。
This difference in perception cools them down,Make them more and more calm。
Also known as,Cognitive conflict,Let them not accumulate enough hot emotions,It’s not that they can calmly control their emotions。
Chen Wenjin thought about these,Thought of Hui,Hui’s ideal love,Is it the same as Lulu’s originally??
the difference is,Hui met him。
If so,How they get along,For Hui,It’s the continuous suffering between ideals and reality……
‘That’s it,If you can’t have the experience you didn’t know in the past,Then it’s meaningless!’Chen Wenjin is back,Stop thinking about Lulu。
Because he knew,Some people miss each other,Actually destined,And this miss,It’s their luck。