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“Our dealings end here!Don’t meet again!”Zhang Bo stood up angrily,Ready to leave。

Tao is different,Not conspiring!He didn’t even want to say more to Zhao Hongxiu,And I felt as uncomfortable as if I had eaten a fly。
At this moment,Zhao Hongxiu let out a faint sigh。
“Ugh,Are you men so naive??”Stretch out your hands,Gently touched his smooth and delicate cheeks。
“If you don’t agree to my terms,You can’t get out of this room。I hope you seriously consider my proposal,For the so-called loyalty,Is it worth it?”Slowly dusted the sleeves,Shook his head and sighed。
I don’t know when she gave the signal,The door was pushed open from outside,Two sturdy men appeared at the door,Staring at Zhang Bo with indifferent eyes。
“Interrupt all his hands and feet,Cut another right hand down,I want to send to his good friend Lu Menglin,See how Lu Menglin will react。”Red sleeves look horrified,Whispered。
Her appearance is still gentle and picturesque,But when you tell your subordinates to do this kind of thing,There is not even a trace of emotion,Can only be said to be proficient in business,Definitely not the first time。
“Zhang Bo,Sorry,Don’t you want to be a gold medal barrister??Try again in the next life!Barrister with broken arms,I don’t know how to go to court?”Say red sleeves,Hid his mouth and laughed,Smile very pleasantly。
Two fierce and strong men rushed in the door,One left and one right,To Zhang Bo。
These two people look like Lianjiazi,Kong Wu Youli,agile,Either one can’t be dealt with by a weak scholar like Zhang Bo。
“Wait!”Zhang Bo suddenly said。
The sound came out,The face with red sleeves suddenly smiled brightly。