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Former Xiong’an concept leader Jinghan shares11.6 billion Marry Chinese Olympic Garden

Former Xiong’an concept leader Jinghan shares11.6 billion “Marry” Chinese Olympic Garden
The real estate industry has added another “marriage”, the former Xiong’an concept leader Jinghan (000615) is about to “marry” China Aoyuan (03883).On the evening of April 7, China Aoyuan announced that its subsidiary Guangdong Aoyuan planned to make a price of 11.600 million shares were acquired by Jinghan 29.99% equity.If the transfer is successfully implemented, the controlling shareholder of Jinghan will be changed to Guangdong Aoyuan, and the actual controller of the company will be changed from Tian Han to Guo Ziwen.At present, the market value of Jinghan shares is about 34.6.6 billion yuan.Founded in Guangzhou, China Aoyuan has temporarily expanded from a regional housing company to the whole country. Its business scope covers South China, East China, Bohai Rim and other regions.The acquisition of shares in Jinghan this time means that China Aoyuan is about to take charge of an A-share listed company, but China Aoyuan denies the “plan to return to A”.The earliest is that as the leading stock of the Xiong’an concept, Jinghan’s initial main business is erratic and difficult to change. It once tried to enter the health pension field. In 2018, it began to deploy the green fiber business, but it has slowly replaced production.11.600 million US dollars “marry” China Aoyuan Jinghan shares the actual controller will change in the afternoon of April 7, Jinghan shares issued a major event suspension announcement, in the announcement, Jinghan shares said that the listed company holding shares Tokyo Han HoldingsThe Group Co., Ltd. is planning to allocate equity transfer targets, and intends to transfer the shares it holds to the company’s total share capital in the range of 25% -30% (excluding) to the strategic investor agreement. This matter may involve changes in the company’s control.The well-known strategic investor unveiled that night-that is, the momentum has been fierce in recent years. In the 2019 performance conference, he said that he will choose high-quality projects for the merger and acquisition of Hong Kong-listed Chinese Aoyuan from 2020 to 2021.China Aoyuan was established in 1996 and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. Its business involves real estate, commercial real estate, cultural tourism, healthy living and other sectors. It has been deployed in 80 cities, and its business scope covers southern China, eastern China, and central and western cores.Area and the Bohai Rim area.The development momentum of China’s Aoyuan developing countries is strong.Starting from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China Aoyuan is gradually realizing the full coverage of the first-tier cities in the north, north, Guangdong, and Shenzhen.Among them, mergers and acquisitions have been the company’s main way to increase land reserves.In 2019 alone, China Olympic Garden added a total of 87 new projects, with a newly-developable construction area of approximately 16.09 million square meters, of which 79% were M & A projects.With full acquisition proceeds, China Aoyuan achieved rapid growth and achieved property contract sales from 256 in 2016.2 billion yuan rose to 1180 in 2019.600 million, ranking among the top 30 national sales.Obviously, in the 2019 financial report, China Aoyuan said that its layout in southern China, the central and western core regions, eastern China, the Bohai Rim region and overseas regions accounted for 42%, 27%, 17%, 10%, 4%.It can be polished from the data that China Aoyuan accounts for a relatively small amount in North China. For China Aoyuan who wants to grow into a national-scale housing company, it needs to increase the land reserves in North China, and Jinghan holds a total of 18 projectsIt is mainly located in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Guangdong Province, Hebei Province and other places. The total available saleable construction area is about 123.70,000 square meters.Faced with many speculations in the market, China Aoyuan denied the “back to A” plan.China Aoyuan said that after the completion of this acquisition, Jinghan will become a subsidiary of China Aoyuan, thereby further enriching the company’s land reserves and increasing the proportion of first- and second-tier cities, which will help deepen the area where it is located, increase market share andInfluence.According to preliminary sources, as a 100 billion-level emerging enterprise group, China Aoyuan has core competitive advantages in the main real estate industry; Jinghan shares high-quality land storage resources and can gradually replace the health industry to accelerate strategic transformation.Obviously, Jinghan’s navy is controlled by Xiong’an Fushang Tianhan. After the transaction, Guo Ziwen will replace Tianhan as the actual controller of Jinghan.According to the announcement of China Aoyuan, prior to this acquisition, Jinghan Holdings and Jianshui Tairong each owned approximately 37 shares of Jinghan.04% and 3.With 88% of the shares, Tian Han Communist Party controls about 40 shares of Jinghan.92% equity.Upon completion of the acquisition, China Aoyuan will indirectly hold Jinghan shares through Guangdong Aoyuan29.99% equity.Based on this calculation, the proportion of shares held by Tian Han and its concerted parties in Jinghan was replaced by about 40.92% recognized 10.93%, Jinghan shares control will change.Tian Han became famous as the “richest man in Xiong’an” three years ago with the Xiong’an New District.According to data from Dongfang, the market value of Jinghan is 10.8 billion yuan, and the operating income was 42 in 2016.400 million yuan, net profit 1.0.9 billion.The 2016 annual report shows that Tian Han and his wife hold 51 shares of Jinghan.77% of the shares have a market value of approximately 5.6 billion yuan.In 2016, Jinghan shares landed on A shares through backdooring.But for Jinghan shares, Tian Han may have retreated as early as last year.The data shows that from November 2019 to March this year, he has gradually reduced his holding of Jinghan shares through Jianshui Tairong4.98% of the shares.The transformation of Jinghan’s shares was “unfavorable for years”, and China Aoyuan entered the Beijing-Han shares, which would be regarded as the leading stock of the Xiong’an concept by transfusion of 500 million blood transfusions, to avoid “failure for years”.Jinghan shares disclosed that after the completion of this transaction, China Aoyuan will inject liquidity support of not less than RMB 500 million into Jinghan shares through borrowing or financing assistance.Repay the target company ‘s overdue financial institution debts and pay for the guarantee of the project ‘s normal operation response budget.Choice data shows that as of the end of the third quarter of 2019, Jinghan’s assets and liabilities have replaced 78.38%, current assets income 88.01%, the current ratio is only 1.24. The quick ratio is only 0.34.In total 104.Of the total debt of US $ 7.4 billion, current debt was 92.1.8 billion.In addition, as of now, the company’s headquarters holding stock Tokyo Han Holdings Group Co., Ltd. has gradually pledged2.9 billion shares, accounting for 37 of the company’s total shares.04%, accounting for 100% of its shareholding.Jinghan’s 2019 performance forecast shows that the company last year expected a profit of 10 million to 20 million yuan, a year-on-year decline of 87.29% to 93.64%.The performance of the Air Force and Jinghan Company has experienced a “cliff-style” decline.The data shows that from 2016 to 2018, Jinghan’s attributable net profit was 1, respectively.0.9 billion, 3.0.9 billion and 1.At 57 trillion U.S. dollars, as of the third quarter of 2019, the company ‘s attributable net profit was recorded as zero.4.3 billion yuan.As the leading stock of the Xiong’an concept in the past, Jinghan shares once attracted the attention of the capital market because of this label. In 2017, Jinghan shares rose to 26 all the way.85 yuan / share, but as of April 9, the reporter issued a report, Jinghan shares have fallen to 4.31 yuan / share.Jinghan’s official website shows that the company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Beijing. It is an A-share listed company with a national layout and diversified development in the fields of health care, green fiber, theme towns, healthy housing, and construction engineering.There is no doubt that Jinghan shares are accelerating strategic transformation to replace real estate, but real estate is still an important source of revenue for Jinghan shares.The data shows that in 2017, 2018 and the first half of 2019, Jinghan’s real estate business accounted for 74% of the operating income.93%, 73.26% and 72.77%.Under the slogan of splitting real estate, Jinghan Co., Ltd. seeks transformation, and publicly stated that it will gradually withdraw from the traditional real estate business thereafter, focusing on R & D and manufacturing of new materials and green fiber related industries.However, the 2019 performance forecast shows that the company has not increased its real estate business revenue due to strategic transformation, while the transitional green fiber project is still under construction and has not yet generated revenue.Sauna, Night Net Editor Zhang Zeyan Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling