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Super combustion big picture!Directly hit the Armed Police Special Warriors Practical Anti -Terrorism Comprehensive Exercise Scenes

  Recently, the Mobility Detachment of the Armed Police Guangxi Armed Forces, around the training courses such as emergency dispatch, group tactics, latent sniper, etc., organized special combat teams to conduct practical anti -terrorism drills to further refine the emergency disposal and collaborative combat capabilities of special combat players to ensure that there are situations in the case of situations that can be quickly in the case of situations.Reacting efficient treatment.

    Special combat players quickly dispatched.

Yu Haiyang used tactical formation search targets.

Yu Haiyang used to cover his teammates search for goals.Yu Haiyang’s sniper sniper group covered his teammates to pursue the target.Yu Haiyang photographed alternate cover search targets.Yu Haiyang Photo quickly chase the target.

Search for targets in the dense forest of Yu Haiyang.Yu Haiyang camera to strike the target firepower.Yu Haiyang Photographer: Yu Haiyang Article Source: China Military Network Editor -in -Chief: Deng Fanghua.