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190 human society services in Qinghai Province realize "One Netcom Office"

  On May 9th, the reporter learned from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Qinghai Province that the construction of the "Smartman Society" in Qinghai Province has been steadily promoted. ", Online business accounts for 90%.

At the same time, actively expand the function of social security cards, provide 43 convenience services such as medical purchase, transportation, and cultural experience through social security cards, promote the application of social security cards for "one card", and issue senior subsidies, educational subsidies, employment subsidies, ecology, ecological subsidies, employment subsidies, ecology Environmental subsidies and other benefit people and farmers subsidies have completely solved the problem of "one person and multiple cards" and "cards."

  The Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security accelerates cross -departmental and cross -level information sharing, promotes optimization and integration of service venues, strengthens data quality management, comprehensively implements data sharing of data, breaks information islands, and fully realize the "general matters without seeing the general matters, one complex matters once at one time. Do not hand in, unnecessary materials. "

Based on the principles that can be done nearby and multi -point, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security will do the maximum business optimization, process simplification, and business linkage to form a standardized business process.

This year, service outlets such as banking, postal, and grass -roots platforms will be further expanded to promote high -frequency service matters such as social security cards, insurance registration, and unemployment registration, and continuously extend the tentacles of human social services, and strive to build a 15 -minute walk in urban areas. Rural radiation in rural areas, rural radiation 5 kilometers of people and social convenience service circles.

Accelerate the work of "one -cartoon", improve the online service of "cross -provincial running" of social security cards, and allow the masses to enjoy social security cards and other channels through national government service platforms and "Qinghai Human Resources" mobile apps such as mobile apps. Five "inter -provincial -to -provincial running" services, including temporary reporting and card making progress inquiry.

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