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May we become our own fire

  "What kind of person do you want to be?" It was a question that I have thought about many and many times. Thinking back to my life of the previous 20 years, I often feel that although I have a wanton, but it is really muddy. Most of the time, I amI don’t know what I want, I just listened to the planning of my parents and followed the current.Therefore, before this social practice, I secretly set a small goal for myself: I hope that in this process, the children in southern Xinjiang can feel different lives, ignite the small fire in their hearts, and let them let them make themThink about the life you want.Before turning on this journey, I have imagined countless times in the process of Sanxiang, what kind of person would I meet?What happened?I want to set myself a plan for my next week. I can calmly cope with everything, but when the practice really begins, I discovered that it was better to be unexpected.

  "The wind starts, and to work hard to life." The happiest day was actually the most difficult first day. Before I came out of the fatigue of the "Five Days and Eight Gates" exam week, I got up early and took a car car to the Jooskle Village, which was nearly 100 kilometers. Two nets.

At the end of the small road in the countryside, the dwarf house is like a test papers without a key test, but I always feel that I still have the shortcomings. Until I saw my children smiling at my face. That day’s cicada seemed to be noisy than any year. The buds of the outside class were crazy, but they couldn’t stop the sun. After a day of class, the children seemed to be not tired at all. The girls took me to sit at the door of the door On the steps of the steps, the little boys couldn’t help but pulled the big brother in the team to play basketball on the playground.

  "Sister, is it fun to go to college?" The little girl wearing red stripes asked me with a smile, hot air in summer, blowing her furry short hair, and suddenly she was a little annoyed, "But I am not studying well, in the future, in the future, I will come in the future. It may not be possible to pass.

"I remembered the words I loved the most in high school composition:" The wind is rising, and I work hard to life.

"I gave her this sentence, hoping that she could always work hard for her thoughts;" Sister, I have been awkward recently with my good friends … "," Sister, what kind of child do you say is a bad child? Intersection "Sister, do you believe there are aliens in the universe?" "… the children’s questions are strange, many I can’t answer, I can only discuss with them. We are like a younger sister who lives together from a young age, sitting on the doorbar to chat with my favorite topic, watching the scorching sun The teenager, from time to time, cheered a few times, took them one after another … After the practice, I often thought of that scene, and couldn’t help but sigh. In the sunset and brilliant smiles of the orange flavor, the age of twelve or three years old is so deliberate and beautiful.

  "The feeling of running towards one direction is so good!" In this practical activity, I reminded me of the ten days when the most nostalgia is to live with team members. I rarely participate in team activities, but this time I really feel that the "group soul" is by my side. In order to prepare the materials, we plan to do night, and at two or three in the morning at the Tencent meeting, we laughed at the Tencent meeting that we were about to "bald heads"; I ran in the school with a large bag, and finally caught up with the sunrise of the plum color on the hard seat of the train. ; I still remember that the girl’s hands are always empty, and the boys’ hands are always full, but when eating, we will also quietly turn their favorite dishes to them; we seem to be off the line. Mrick’s first aid will always make the partner’s "tears on the spot". Sometimes it is necessary to make a few winks know what we want to do, and we seem to be very tacit. What difficulties, they have been around … recalling the little bit of being with the team, what I want to say in the end is still thanks.

Thanks to our side side by side in these ten days, letting me understand that the meaning of "winning the same desire to win" is the eternal unity of the team. Thanks to the team for our tolerance for us, whether it is 28 degrees air conditioning or daily "wake -up service", or let everyone speak the "second article" of the "team guidelines" that can speak freely. ; Finally, I also want to thank the teachers who have turned into "old father" and "old mother". It is the teacher’s meticulous concern and arrangement, so that this practice has been completed smoothly. I will never forget that day, Shihezi, at four in the morning, is a dark piece of Shihezi, and the wind is mixed with water vapor and coolness. We ran to the door with bags, but felt that it was good! "Born to me, I dare not take responsibility, it is my job!" Finally, I felt that in this event, what was driving me continued to move forward was my original intention to participate in the three -going village activities.

In the past two years, we have gone through a sudden outbreak and witnessed the magnificent century of the party. These experiences make me truly realize the heavy definition of the "youth" on my shoulders, and it has also strengthened my determination to do "youth". To make yourself a fire, not only ignite the ideals of children in the village in the southern Xinjiang, but also ignite their own future. Through this time, we have popularized safety education knowledge for children, and conducted several chronic disease lectures for middle -aged and elderly people in the South Xinjiang community. , I am asking myself, is this enough? These are not enough.

  Where we have not yet arrived, there are still situations where children have ignored hidden safety hazards and drowning. There is still a lack of first aid knowledge. Let me realize the importance of security education, and the activity is over, but our steps should not stop. "When there is a heat, it will make a light, which makes the fireflies average. You can also send a little light in the darkness. You don’t have to wait for the torch fire." May everyone be their own fire and ignite their ideals. In this way, we will encourage each other.

  (Correspondent: Wang Danzhen).