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(Reading) Gao Man Tang: Writing a hundred people

The "Old Pub" stills "Old Pub" still-old people, too much, think too much, don’t write some evil people, even if you write a wicked, I also want him to finally change to a good person, good, High, far away. "Load, Gao Men Tang unforgettable, explore the precious story in the details of life, with small people’s joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, life, and create another unique romantic human world world and the story universe of the Sauvone River.

When he was interviewed by a reporter: "I am willing to make the creative speed slow, there is original, China’s TV series has a long vitality." You can in the field, and finally talk about an actor of this age, the most field, he said, he said, he said, he said, I can’t stand, the words can’t remember.

Baogou is self-good, all the year round, the evening is filled, go back to turn the door, no one can enter, one is tired, the second is to prepare the day.

We both do so well, as long as he returned to the house, I never entered him.

Only he shouted me to drink her tea, I went to him, wait until he look at the table, I quickly got up. He does not participate during the play, he needs to keep this state.

I started writing the script after year to the TV. The first script called "The sound of the piano on the island" failed.

I didn’t understand it, I wrote like a drama, three pages haven’t passed. Then learn slowly, more sense, more creation, it will be better, everyone has a blood, it is not easy. I always feel interesting, Bai flavored life, a changing life, and the fate of the drama is written by me, in fact, it is very enjoyable. In the year, the people represented by Chen Huahai and the bustling people from the north of the north of the north, their stories constitute a folk drawing of China. Why is I have a unique moment? Our modern history is extremely complicated and disastrous. "A tourist, half of modern history", I want to pass these big backgrounds, let us know our history today, especially our humiliation history, they are more convinced, only the Chinese Communist Party can save China, followed by the Communist Party of China to go to the light.

We should go back to the past, this is especially important for our young audience.

Edit: Ma Chi.