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Delong Iron and Steel won the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Demonstration Demonstration of New Generation Information Technology and Manufacturing Integration Development

With the rapid advancement of industrial informatization, the information security model and demand of enterprises are changing, and new information technology, advanced and mature new information technology has been widely used in the field of enterprise industrial control. The industrial control system has gradually broken past closure; but at the same time, highly open industrial control networks will face more severe security challenges, which is easy to suffer from information security such as hacker invasion, and industrial control system information security situation is also particularly important.

Industrial Control System Information As an important strategic resources of the country, industrial control system has become the focus of national security and new center of gravity.

Delong is guided by the national strategy. It is far-sighted in "Intelligent Manufacturing Strategic Development Plan". With the "horizontal cutting, longitudinal isolation" as the core, it clearly integrates industrial information security management committee, " Under the next, the upper and lower binds, "Double-tube" landing, in the upgrade and network deployment integration of the first-line automation equipment, the system is fully functional, and the overall industrial information is fully enhanced. Safe overall management level. Through the basic defense of primary equipment, the unidirectional isolation of several equipment to the senior protection and large data security audit construction of the MES system, gradually explore a set of industrial control system network security under the protection, monitoring and response to one integral Industrial control system security capabilities in the metallurgical industry, and started successful experience, forming a Dragon model, comprehensive promotion to the Dragon Group, all of the new Tiangang Group.

After practical, the invasion of several viruses, Trojans, malicious plug-ins, the country or industry, etc., has no substantive impact on our industrial control security system, and all kinds of technical protection indicators and management processes are leading levels, which are produced by each company. Create a lot to escort.