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Do not adjust and struggle with opportunism

"Critical Criticism" is one of the five Marx classic books mentioned by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the 200th Anniversary of Marx. In this book, Marx sharply criticized the Lahar chances of opportunistic route, clarifically clarified the revolutionary route of the proletariat and the principle of scientific and socialism, is a programs of Marx’s expressive position. In 1875, the two of the German workers’ movement, Eshen Nachi and Lazarn reached the agreement of the merger.

When developing a unified new party outline, because the leaders of the Esenaki Pai is overwhelming about the merger of the two organizations, it lacks the necessary literacy of the theory of scientific socialism. Theism (advocates the replacement of the social revolution, replacing the class movement with religious movement, and even the tendency to compromise the workers’ group and the Prussian government, "opportunity") Concession, write some of the Lazarian erroneous views into the contract of the contract, which makes Marx, Engels is extremely angry.

Marx believes that the principled program is a milestone that can be used to measure the level of sports in front of the world, and never reduce the party’s theoretical level and use principles to do transactions.

In the case of the vast majority of people agree, Marx realized that Lhasar opportunism all over the program not only left a lot of mistakes in the theory of workers, but also affected socialist beliefs, and will cause greatness to practice. Hazard, so written "Critical Criticism" and criticized opportunism. It’s hard to do "Everyone is drunk, I can be awake", it is harder to "all people are drunk, I dare to wake up". Even if you know that in the erudition of the Esenaki-leaders, under the support of the party members, you will have a criticism, but it may also have something to make up, but Marx is still straightforward, open struggles, and firm defending truth.

"My obligation does not allow me even with diplomatic silence to recognize a program that I think is extremely bad, will make the party spirit degradation." This adherence principle, the spirit of the fight against opportunism, read the spirit of compromise, read Directly hit the soul, and it was uscio.

Marx has a thorough criticism and resolute struggle spirit. No matter what difficult, in principle, in principle, in principle, it is always insisted on uncompromising: not to the authoritative compromise, no compromise to the teachers and friends, and compromise the reactionary force.

He once said, "At the entrance to the science, just like the entrance to hell, you must have all hesitation, any embarrassment is no.

Marx is said so, it is doing this.

"I have already said, I saved my soul."

"This is the end of Marx in the" Critical Critique ".

His sentence, like the darkness of the darkness deeply in the hearts of many people, let us have a deep reflection and self-analysis of the soul, whether it is in front of the big mistake, swing on the political position In terms of error speech, the direction is lost in the voice? At the autumn school (National Administrative College), the Central Party School (National Administration), the Central Party School (National Administration), General Secretary, clearly requested the young cadres to adhere to the principles, dare to struggle, pointed out: "In the principle, it will never be ambiguous, and it will never be refundable. Otherwise, it is not responsible for the party and the people, or even a crime.

It is a matter of great non-faced principles in front of the big mistake.

He emphasized: "The Communists must have unfinished evil, not afraid of ghosts, not appropriate soft bones, festivals, courage." Currently based in the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation, there is no big change in the world, in the face of intricate The international environment and various risk challenges have a great struggle with many new historical features. It doesn’t have any outgoing roads! Only inheriting Marx’s struggle in front of the truth of the truth, the mind is particularly sober, the position is particularly firm, firmly grasp the correct In the direction of the struggle, improve the struggle, with the momentum of Marx’s "Save the Soul", the strong struggle can continue to seize the new victory! (Source: "Banner" 2021, 10th; Author: Central and State Organs Work Committee Propaganda Department (Editor: Jia Zejuan): Zhang Cheng pays: Zhong Ming).