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Representative of the National People’s Congress, the mayor of Zhangzhou City, Zeng Civilization: Exploration of the high-quality development of Zhangzhou, China

"China Economic Week" reporter Wang Hongru | The national two sessions were reported: Guo Fang (this article issued in the "China Economic Week" 2018 No. 11) in the city of chasing the square, in the way to pursue high quality development, maintain considerable The growth rate is still necessary.

In 2017, the total amount of GDP GDP in Zhangzhou has grown by 250 billion yuan. The growth of fixed assets investment increases; the industrial solid investment increases by about 29%; the added value of the service industry increases by 12%; the per capita gain of rural residents can dominate the growth%.

These 5 indicators grow up by the first in Jiangxi Province. However, as the mayor of the underdeveloped city, the "National People’s Congress representative, the Mayor of Zhangzhou City, the issue of civilization, needs to solve, still tricky. He accepted an interview with "China Economic Weekly" said that the problem of unbalanced invented in Zhangzhou is more prominent, the total economic volume is not large, the new economy is slow, the innovation ability is insufficient; the physical economy has many difficulties, the private economic development environment is waiting Improvement; decentralization of campaign tasks are very difficult. How to achieve high quality development under such a situation, is a difficult and challenging task for the host.

Why didn’t the Rui Railway have not started 10 years? To be rich, first repair.

During this year, during the two sessions of the country, the content of the motion brought by Zeng civilization was to urge the national level to promote Rui (Luzhou Ruijin to Guangdong Meizhou) railway as soon as possible to schedule start construction. As early as 2008, the national "medium and long-term railway network plan" will be positioned to promote the Rui Railway and the country of development and development railways. The project runs through the core area of ??the original Central Soviet area, and the Ruijin City, Huichang County, Huichang County, Wannan Revolutionary Old District. County, Xiwu County and Pingyuan County, Meizhou City, Meizhou City, Meijiang District (district), including about 3.3 million people in the population.

Zeng civilization said that Rui Mi Railway is a poverty alleviation road of the people of the Weinan Revolutionary Old Areas for many years, get rich. However, this poverty alleviation development project has not started, as a national twelve railway development plan, which has been included in the national "medium and long-term railway network plan" "Thirteen Modern Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan" "Railway 13 Five Development Plan.

Zeng Civilization told the "China Economic Week", we have done a lot of work in the early stage, and the research report is made, but the problem involved is more complicated. Where is the problem? The biggest controversy is the construction of 160km on time or the speed of 200km standard. Zeng civilization said that as a poverty alleviation and development project, the original design is 160km speed, the passenger goods are equally transported. However, the design of this project has been in the past 10 years. The development of our country is so big, and the front end of this railway is connected to Ruijin is the intercity railway in Jiangxi Province, the speed is 200km, the rear end is always from Meizhou. Go down to Shantou, is also 200km speed, only 160km speed in the middle of Rui this time, and it is not connected to the speed of two paragraphs before and after. We have reached a consensus with Guangdong Province to propose hopes to increase the speed of 200km.

However, there is different views of the China Railway Corporation and needs to be studied.

According to analysis, China Railway Corporation needs to study and understand that from the perspective of China Railway Corporation, the benefits of this project are not very good. On the one hand, because of poor areas, the economy is underdeveloped; on the other hand, speed 200km No more passenger goods, and the railway makes money depending on the freight, passenger transportation is not ideal.

But this study allows the people of the old district to fall into anxiety.

Taking Zhangzhou Xiwu County as an example, there is no railway pass in the junior,, 闽, 粤, has no railway pass, traffic into a large bottleneck of local development. Waiting for 10 years, seeking the county people or waiting for the start of the Rui Railway, it is inevitable. Zeng civilization has strongly called for the relevant aspects to accelerate the early work of Ruimi Railway, and arrange the Rui Railway Project to review, the standard design and construction of the standards of 200 kilometers or more speed on time, and increase the investment efforts of the construction of the railway construction of Weinan Province. Strive to start construction at the end of 2018.

Creating a rural revitalization of Zhangzhou sample does not solve the bottleneck of traffic, and the development will be struggling.

However, Cangzhou’s undeveloped is not a railway to solve. As a national famous revolutionary old area, one of the largest concentrated continental parts of the country is one of the traditional agricultural market, Zhangzhou, is a typical development imbalance inadequate area.

Zeng Civilization’s "China Economic Weekly", due to natural, history, etc.

He is therefore suggest that the central government supports Zhangzhou to create a national rural resolution first test area, first explore, accumulate experience, provide demonstration, and build a village revitalization. Why do you want this? Whether it is solving poverty, it is still a high-quality development. For Zhangzhou, this may be an outway.

Zeng Civilization further analyzed that Zhangzhou is a typical agricultural city, 9.74 million people in the city, 70% is the rural population, the rural land area accounts for%, and the agricultural output value accounts for the total output value of three production value, all higher than National average. Second, the largest short board in the Soviet Union in the Southern Soviet Union is in rural areas. The main difficulties are also in rural areas. There are still 11 poverty-stricken counties in the city. 557 poor villages have not been quilt, and 350,000 have not poverty and agricultural industry. It is relatively weak, basic public services still have large gaps, and rural governance systems and governance ability are relatively weak, and there is an urgent need to replace these highlights through rural resolution. The third is that Zhangzhou is based on its own advantages, and has made some active explorations in promoting rural residence, there is a certain basis and better condition. For example, the Yinan Navel Orange Plantation is as high as 1.2 million tons, and the top of the national brand value of similar agricultural products areas. Weinan vegetables have passed China-European vegetable class and enter the international market.

Adjacent Guangdong and Fujian also provided a broad market for the size agriculture in Zhangzhou. These years, the exploration of Zhangzhou’s revitalization in rural village has taken place.

If we increase your strength, this is easy to implement.

In the view of Zeng Civilization, Zhangzhou is the revolutionary old area, poor area, support Zhangzhou to increase the exploration of innovation, form a batch of copied, promoted Zhangzhou experience, will provide a beneficial reference for rural revitalization in the national revolutionary old area and poor areas.

Since the revitalization strategy of rural resolution, some regions such as Zhejiang, Hainan, Henan, Sichuan have already proposed to build a pioneering area of ??rural resolution. In the fierce competition, Yinzhou is still unknown. Solving the development of imbalances requires special policies. However, as the hosts in the undeveloped regions, Zeng Civilization hopes to obtain the mood of central policy support. China’s reform and opening up has been 40 years. From these 40 years of experience, every economy has a large-span development of reforms and open promotion. Zeng civilized said that in the past years, the problem of infrastructure of railways and highways in the past years is slowly solved, but what is the biggest backward behind these places? It is not enough to reform and opening up, and this issue is not fully resolved.

Shanghai, Guangdong’s coastal areas have been very developed. He is very worried that if the revolutionary old area, the problem of old and less poor areas does not solve, the gap between future regions will get more and more. Examples of Zeng civilization, currently in the coastal areas are layout in the free trade zone, Shanghai has even put forward the construction of free trade ports, which will be more in-depth. And I opposing the poor area of ??the old Yinzhou, one is not relying on the sea, and even the local elements have no railway (Rui Railway is a typical), what should I do? We must also strive to strive for some policies, but also fall to the field. In the view of Zeng Civilization, solve the problem of imbalance in landlocked and coastal development, requires the central policy supply to study what policies that are suitable for underdeveloped areas, and finally achieve the balance between coastal areas.

If there is no special policy support, the imbalance may also be aggravated. The rapid development of Zhangzhou has benefited from the support of the central government.

In 2012, Zhangzhou received a number of advice from the Central Safety Package "State Council’s revitalization of the revitalization of the original Central Soviet area such as Sannan", which is 45, 236 systemized support policies, and 83 countries have been piloted. Demonstration matches Zhangzhou, 39 national ministries supported Zhangzhou. This time, Zeng Civilization hopes that the central government will once again support the national rural resolution of the national rural resolution of Zhangzhou, which will help them coordinate all kinds of resources and maximize the superimposed advantages and integration effects of various support policies.

"China Economic Week" 2018 No. 11 Cover.