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The Bank of China Tianjin Branch is fully committed to doing a good job in the hospital financial services

  In the first month of January 28, the emergency response ringtone broke the tranquility of the business outlet. China Bank Tianjin Branch has the financial needs of Beichen Anda Road, the Bank of China, received the financial needs of the banking medical cooperation, urgently needed to add two-dimensional code payment function, used in the hospital’s hot clinic receivable, convenient to heat patient isolation and payment, reduce the epidemic Cash during cash. The Bank of China Tianjin Branch has a positive response to the Beichen Anda Road Branch, and fully goes to the hospital customer financial service guarantee during the epidemic. After receiving the demand for the hospital, the outlets are actively communicated with the hospital, clarify the procedures of the hospital, and simultaneously react, collect information, and report the bank card department of the Bank. The line coordination, up and down, the bank card department launched the emergency approval process, simplifying the approval procedures for only one day, set up BOC wisdom to pay QR code. While doing a good job in customer financial services, the branches attach great importance to the health and safety of employees, and the business handling the process of telephone communication, electronic data approval, paper data, and the newly built QR code is sent to the hospital by electronic means to ensure business The compliance avoids employee out and prevents and controls the epidemic.

  From the hospital proposing needs to the business to complete for two days. In the process of fighting coronary virus epidemics, Bank of China high-quality service customers, and go all out to win the epidemic prevention and control.