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Preparation time is short, simple operation, small spread range …… no parachute airdrop how to vote?

Original title: No umbrella drop promising no parachute drop, ie without the airdrop way parachute, which overcomes the shortcomings of road, rail transport can not be fast and direct, but also to solve the low umbrella drop protection efficiency, short preparation time, the operation simple, small scatter range, rapid collection and many other advantages. First, time is short. No not need a parachute drop umbrella, the umbrella fold saving time, drop member mounted directly on the plane can be implemented, or use drop tray loaded on the plane can be tied fast drop.

Secondly, for precise drop.

No parachute drop after extravehicular member, free fall movement, placement and only when the drift distance airdrop aerial vehicle speed and highly relevant, affected by wind speed, wind direction is small, it is preferable to be landed at a predetermined drop point area.

Further, no special requirements for landing terrain, can be implemented in complex terrain. Finally, easy to collect. Due to the placement of control, look for equipment, materials with less time, collectors after a simple manual work to expand the use of the centralized equipment, supplies. Over the years, no guarantees have been slow parachute drop was mainly restricted packaging design, packaging and cushioning materials technology by.

In recent years, with the development of innovative new packaging materials and packaging technology in the world of ideas, no umbrella airdrop research and experimentation to get great progress, no umbrella used to protect the battlefield drop the prospect of more and more people are optimistic.

On the protection mode, on the one hand, no guarantee can be implemented umbrella airdrop combat equipment, real-time protection materials. "Shipped within 24 hours of a camp than 10 days after the operation to a division important." Modern Warfare, accelerate the pace of combat, battlefield situation is constantly changing, the requirements combat equipment, supplies, personnel can provide near real-time protection.

Road, rail transport by road conditions and other great influence to ensure speed not meet the requirements; maritime transport, although transport volume, low cost, but poor timeliness. In contrast, due to the direct and convenience, no umbrella to protect aircraft dropped dramatically reduce the time spent than cars, trains and ships, the basic realization of combat equipment, supplies and arrive at the same combatants.

Operations, the first combat equipment, materials umbrella embodiment no drop, followed by implementation of airborne landing operations or personnel; personnel arrive simultaneously, or otherwise, without the use of the parachute drop mode combat equipment, dropping supplies to the designated area.

In addition, no parachute airdrop equipment and supplies to bring relief line is also very convenient, can meet the rapid deployment, you need fast operations. On the other hand, no guarantee can be implemented parachute airdrop equipment and supplies direct point to point protection. Typically, rail transport and ship transport also need to unload, and then unloading car transport, protection can not be achieved directly. No parachute drop aircraft security is implemented using point to point protection can be directly delivered to front-line combat area or enemy far behind, with higher efficiency and protect the value of the battlefield. The operations process, using no guarantee can be equipped with parachute airdrop, air-dropped supplies quickly and directly to the Department of (sub) team needed. Compared to other modes of transport, more time, effort, and relatively more secure. Especially in extreme weather or environments, the use of parachute airdrop no way guarantee will disperse, living and working conditions in remote areas and other troops are expected to be greatly improved, fighting improved rapidly, and thus more and more foreign military attention. (Road Dun Zhao Bao Seiyu).