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The Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Plenary Session of Enlighten Jingchu

Original title: Ten insistence, historical experience shows the future Hubei Daily, the whole media reporter Xu Hui Zhang Hui Wang Jiyai correspondent Yang Weidong is based on history, and creates the future. It is far away, although it is far away.

  From the 19th National Sixth Plenary Session, from the persepect of the party’s leadership, adhere to the people’s first, adhere to the theoretical innovation, adhere to independence, adhere to China’s road, adhere to the top of the world, insist on pioneering and innovation, insist on the struggle, adhere to the unified front, adhere to the self-revolution, etc. Summary of the historical experience of the summary of the party’s 100-year struggle, through history, now, the future, is a valuable experience that has accumulated long-term practice is the spiritual wealth created by the party and the people, which is fundamental and long-term guiding significance.

  "The Ten Points of the Plenary Summary", inspiring, reminders! "Hubei’s party members and cadres, all walks of life, and all walks of life, to learn from the new era of Xi Jinping and the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the party’s nineteen The spirit of the Plenary, keep in mind the initial mission, condense, and brave, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great revival.

  Grasping historical trend, revealing historical laws, "The key to China has a key to all things in the party, and the key to revival is in the party.

"" Adhere to the Party’s Leaders "in the first place in the party’s 100-year struggle.

  "Practice has proved that technology innovation must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership.

The strong leadership of the party is the role of the development of the agency cause, and the fundamental guarantee of the Aerospace Dream, the Strong Military, and the Chinese Dream.

"Feng Jiehong, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Sanjiang Group Co., Ltd.," We will focus on the main business of the party, focusing on the responsible main business, fighting, and continue to bravely climbing the peak of technology, building socialism The second hundred years of struggle for modern power is struggling.

"The Plenary will open a new chapter of the great revival of the Chinese nation, adding endless confidence and struggle for the majority of Chinese children, further strengthening the people of all walks of life to lead the Chinese Communist Party to continue their sincerity and strong will. Tong Jinnan, a professor of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), said that I will carry forward my new era of outstanding intellectuals, I will go to the spirit of the Songnian, for the national training, and struggle for the country.

  Enshi Vocational and Technical College retired cadres are full of old party members, witness and experience of reform and opening up, new era.

He said that today people live a happy life, and they are inseparable from the strong leadership of the party. "As a Chinese Communist Party member, I feel very proud.

In the future, I have to don’t forget the initial heart, keep the true color, continue to shine, and struggle for the party’s career. "The way, the world is returned; the virtue is in the sky." It is always unswervingly insisting on the leadership of the Communist Party of China and is the fine tradition of the civil lectures. Zheng Jun, member of the Central Committee of the People’s Central University, and the president of Hubei Second Normal University, "We will always want to be with the Chinese Communist Party, stand together, dry together, consciously do the good staff of the Chinese Communist Party, good helper, good colleague, Strive to create a new performance of the people, innocent.

"" The era of core pilots, the party is decided to revive. "The Armed Police Hubei Corporation Yichang Dressed, Li Jinliang, who was on the 11th Scect," as a revolutionary soldier in the new era, to determine the party command, and listen to the chairman. As the Guardian of the Three Gorges, we must practice strong skills, stick to the post, defense the dam with first-class work standards, contribute to the rejuvenation of great power.

"In practice, we have developed valuable historical experience history. After the time, the precipitation of time is more clear, and it is more reflected in the reality and the future.

  The plenary, the whole party must always maintain the flesh and blood of the people, practice the people-centered development thoughts, constantly realize, maintain, develop the fundamental interests of the people, unity lead the people of all ethnic groups of all ethnic groups Struggle.

  "I adhere to the people’s first" is one of the top 10 historical experiences. "The Changma Qian Qun group of the retired military service station in the Landing District of Huangshi City said that in-depth study and implement the spirit of the Plenary, adhere to the people’s first, the cadres of the service station In the employee, it is full of wholehearted, and serves the retired soldiers with your heart. For more than a year, the copper flower community retired military service station online link, multi-channel release job recruitment information, multi-way vocational skills training, diversification provides employment guidance services, implement retired military venture loans, tax reduction and other measures , Do a good job in retired military employment entrepreneurship. Centennial, a hundred years of struggle, "insisting on pioneering and innovation, insist on fighting", is two valuable historical experience.

  Yang Wei, an excellent civilian police, an excellent police officer, the Enshi Prefecture, and Yang Hao, were invited to Beijing. He said, on the new journey, it is necessary to grasp the trend of the era, dare to break the ice, dare to break through the era of the era of the public security front. Suizhou Women’s Party Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Chunxia said that it will be guided by the spirit of the plenary, and it will be aware of the initiative, firm belief, and take the initiative to work for good, lead the city’s women’s people in "building a fulcrum, walk in the forefront, and write new articles" The contribution of Suizhou, in the construction of "Han Ziku, Shen Yun Suizhou" construction in the construction of towel.

  "The best commemoration of history is to create new history. Yin Zhenlong, general manager of Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., said," Under the strong leadership of Comrade Xi Xi Ping, we will resolutely pick up the energy industry to clean The mission of low carbon transformation is contributed to the high quality development of Hubei.

"The chief partner of the Chinese Academy Certified Public Accountants said that it will be guided by the spirit of the 19th National Session of the 19th CPC Plenary Session. Implementing the implementation of the party, returning the party’s concern and loves with excellent results. It has the fundamental and long-term guiding conference, and the whole party must keep in mind what the Chinese Communist Party is, what is the fundamental problem, grasping the historical development, and firmly remember The initial mission, always modest and cautious, not arrogant, hard struggle, not afraid of any risk, do not confuse any interference, never have a loose mistake on the fundamental issue, to bite Qingshan does not relax. The goal is to advance the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation for half a ninety of the hundred miles. In the top 10 historical experiences summed up, there is an important experience to "adhere to the unified front".

  "To improve political stations, united alliers and the people contacted the people instead of the spiritual connotation and essence of the Plenary, see why we can succeed from the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle, how can we continue to succeed in the future.

"Jiangli, the Provincial Department of Taiwan, said that it is necessary to serve the E Taiwan compatriots, and solidly promote the effectiveness of the benefits of the people in our province, promote the spirit of the two sides of the compatriots, promote the revitalization of the village rural village, pragmatically carry out the Yangtze River Ecological environment in the mouth area Protect democratic supervision, etc..

  "Centennial Party, with the Democratic Party, the same as the same boat, the liver and gall, have a solid ideological and political foundation, in the journey of the second hundred years of the Chinese nation, the Chinese Communist Party will definitely lead the demonstration and go to a new bigger victory.

"The deputy main committee of the Hubei Provincial Committee of Jiu Sanchuan, said that the Sixth Plenary Session summarizes the major achievements and historical experience of the Communist Party of China, highlighting the" magic treasure "of the unified front, reflecting the unique advantage of China’s new political parties system, enhanced The community of all walks of life is the confidence and determination of the Chinese Communist Party ‘s homage. "The Provincial Jiu San Search will conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th China Communist Party of China, widely condensed consensus, unity and leaders, and be a good staff for the Chinese Communist Party, good helper, good colleague It tells the story of technological workers to struggle for the country, telling the story of the Chinese Communist Party to the same trend, painting a multi-party cooperation, and contribute to Hubei high-quality development. "Should be said in Chuzhou.

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