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Songjiang River Forestry (Group) Co., Ltd .: Green Development Painting Seven Color Covence

The huge paintings of the thousand hectares of shades are ink, and the layer is stained, and there is a seven colorful picture of the style. The organization of the company’s base workers’ financial organization, focusing on the blueberry industry as the leader, planting the forests in the forest, forest, black fungus, forest frog, etc. The new pattern of industrial development has achieved great development in developing and cultivating forest hydraulics industry projects. The year begins to develop the blueberry industry. The year has passed the national Chinese organic product certification. The annual establishment of the blueberry group chamber, with an annual production capacity of 10,000 plants.

Since the year, the company has been fully optimized for the original blueberry planting base.

By increasing the line spacing, shrinking the plant distance, increasing the proportion of mechanization, eliminating inferior varieties, optimizing the introduction of new varieties, etc., improve the production and quality of the unit area. At the same time, actively striving to the Jilin Provincial Forest Forms to fight for 10,000 yuan, used for the construction of blueberry base optimization and expansion and expand the ground planting area, add the blueberry base, adding a new plant area, and optimizes the improved seedlings. New planting seedlings.

At present, the planting area of ??blueberry base has reached acres, and there are thousands of deposits. Wanqi, the annual output value is 10,000 yuan.

We planned to year, the blueberry planting area should reach acres. At that time, the annual output would expect to reach 10,000 pounds, and the annual output value will reach 10,000 yuan. "Looking forward to the future, Zou Ji, deputy secretary of Linyuan Nursery Party Branch, full of confidence.

In the year, the mountain Tianma of Maanshan Forest Farm passed the national organic product certification, and the company was awarded the title of China Tianma Township by China Wildlife Conservation Association.

This year, Maanshan Forest Farm relying on wild Tianma artificial cultivation and propagation technology in Jilin Province, planting Tianma plastics, the annual output value of 10,000 yuan.